Texas & Beyond

this dog is a liar a drunk, an coke addict. pretends he wants life partner, Gets you to fall in love then dumps you. if he gets sex once or twice, he goes ghost.
only fucks from behind prefers anal loves oral sex if your good at it. won’t be both ways tho. eats like he is eating a hamburger.
if you wanna get fucked amd dumped, go ahead. but better strap that one up. over 500 men yes men and women.
sick psychopath
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Alynte Laprecious Walker, Texas

This bottom whole, onion smelling slut loves taken dudes. Not just taken but dudes that will get her somewhere. This glory whole has busted them ashy knees to the ground more than once to move up in a company. Not only has she left roaches where ever she romes but also a dead racoon mixed with possum smell. She loves trail rides which makes sense because this big clydesdale has had that acne back rode more than once. I hope she has enjoyed her position especially by my ex because he prefers anal. My only question left is..there still is no proof if this bad built, onion smelling, cancurous troll is even a woman. Stay woke!

Chelsey Lucio (Los Angeles, Texas)

Chelsey Lucio is probably about the one of the cheapest whore in this planet. Not only she grew up in a poverty condition with both parents doing labor work. Chelsey Lucio herself is dumb as a donkey, and mentally damaged with an ill heart who harasses and back stab people while pretending to be sweet and nice.

She is well known for having no self esteem and self respect. She begs after guys again and again for sex after being repetitively rejected hundreds of times – saying ow much shame and self worth she has. She is ok with being a side whore, or if the men hide her up to jack her. Obviously that is how much she worthies and she is totally fine with it :d. For a dumb, cheap whore like this, no surprise.

Her mental illness and her peculiar sexual exposure habit make her a pain in the ass. She gynmasticate her bare ass in all disgusting angles begging for sex, showing sufficiently how tons of guys have treated her like this kind of cheap whore in the past so this is all she knows how to act. She will not stop harassing and destroying other people. Because she has no shame, self-respect or conscience, she will do so relentlessly and will not be detained from ruining your family. Healthy, normal people can’t handle such a pieces of pathetic shit. Make sure to punch her dead before she haunts back to harm you again, because she surely will as long as she still has any tiny amount of breath left.

She is totally ok with begged sex, and guys misuse her and hide her up because she is a shame and has no amount of self respect. She acts like that is how much she worthes and the kind of treatment she deserves so guys responded in kind :ddddd

Marilyn Ardis, Bank of America, Texas

Marilyn Diane Ardis at Bank of America Texas has sex with multiple managers for promotions. She does not use protection and her daughter might not belong to her husband Adam. Marilyn steals people’s bank account and credit cards for her own use, and she threatens to report false criminal charges if they complain. Marilyn regularly posts on websites for NSA relationships. She is a piece of Southern trailer trash, f*ck this bitch.

Bryan J Neary, Austin, Texas

Bryan Neary of Austin, TX, has been cheating on his wife with his coworkers from St. David’s South Austin Medical Center. He is a player and disrespectful husband.

Kristin Gullett, League City, Texas

Found messages between her and my husband that said you not calling in parentheses with a sad face behind it asked him and her about it he worked with her called her several times he lied she lied found out that they had been sleeping together for a good three months shes been married three times divorced three times her last husband was a in jail for beating her ass for cheating. Shes a disgusting fat whore that will still your husband lie to your face and not even think twice about fucking him while your kids and your home wondering where your husband is.husband will be dealt with separately but I tried to talk to this person woman to woman a couple of times and so she deserves no sympathy for me at this point shes a disgusting pig. Ladies watch your men and if she works with your husband be at extra worried. She has no boundaries and she will go to any extreme to sleep with your married man she knew my husband was married and pursued him coarse my husband is a tear to you but this person doesn’t care she will sleep with your man because she wants to have baby real bad.


Lupe Pacheco, Houston, Texas

Was with Lupe Pacheco for a year loved her gave her everything, usual story. Found that she was cheating on me with another for 3 months she was telling him the same stuff. She told me about him but wouldn’t admit that it was still ongoing. Lying cheating low life will never change.


Nancy Sellers, Texas – She’s a Whore

Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin. This woman went to high school with my husband. Last year we moved back home from Germany (he is military). I don’t believe that she ever actually slept with my husband, but I know she has been trying like hell. She stalks us both on Facebook. Texts him constantly, telling him he needs to add her on FaceBook and delete me. I know that they talked for a long time, and for a while they stopped. Now she is back in our lives again. She has sent me horrible messages (much worse than the one below) she has constantly put me down, all because she wants my husband. The issue is, she is a soldier chaser, she has 4 kids and no way to actually support them on her own without sucking someones dick to help her out. My husband has awesome benefits, and it would help her out. She will literally do whatever it takes to get what she wants…and she doesn’t care who she hurts in the process. My husband and I have 3 kids together….all I can think about is, why would anyone want to hurt 3 innocent babies? There is a lot to this story that I don’t know, a lot of things that have happened that I can’t prove…its all speculation. But what I do know for a fact, is this girl is a horrible person, she doesn’t give a fuck if the man is married…if she wants him, she is going after him for whatever it is she wants. She’s a whore


This is a message she personally sent to me.

“Your crazy, jealous and obsessed with me. I’m not telling you anything about me and Jake so think what you want. If he didn’t want me or to talk to me then he’d leave me alone but obviously he don’t want to leave me alone. If I wanted him right now he’d be here. Thanks. You will never be his only one.”
My husband and I have been together for 10 years married for 8, almost 9. Our relationship hasn’t been perfect by any means, especially since we were 15 when we got together.