Steven Charbonneau, Edmonton, Alberta

This man likes to tell woman that he is new to Edmonton, however he has been raised here all his life. He is quite the smooth talker and he brags how honest and sincere he is. He likes to lie and tell woman that he morals and high values. Unfortunately, that is far from the truth. This man gives out fake names on dating websites. He likes to talk about himself a lot, and is very adamant too hook up right away. He has apparently been cheating on his wife for years on various dating websites, but was just recently caught. He comes off as charming, romantic, sweet type guy. Beware his is a abuser!!!! He is charming at first, if you are in a relationship with this person he becomes controlling, manipulative, emotionally, physiologically mentally, verbally and physically abusive. He has caused 6 years of pain and misery for his wife and 5 year old son. This woman finally woke up and realized what a CREEP!!!