Hi, this guy also goes by the name of Stefano James Zeppieri so wanted to posted a second one on him – since he also uses Steve.

The fact i am on this site saddens me because our society is full of sick evil people. If i could help at least one other person not endure what he did to me, then i have given back to society and saved someone else from his manipulation and con artist tactics.

I plan on pressing charges but first wanted to share my story.

He is a master manipulator, cheater, liar, user, thief, he will use you, take advantasge of you. A devil in indisguise.!! He will try to win you over initially with flattery and talk falsey of whom he is. In reality he is nothing but a looser, abuser and suffers from a mental illness and personality disorder.

Eventually if you see the devil inside of him, the rage, tempermental, constant abuse, lies, mind games, he will sexually force himself upon you.. I hope you never encounter this person but if so, pray that you are strong enough to not fall for his trap.

Please go to Stefano James Zeppieri on this website to read more on him. I posted this one since he goes by both names and wanted to spread the word!


Aurora, Ontario &
Richmond Hill, Ontario