Stefano James Zeppieri, Canada

Dear ladies, please be aware of this man. He is deceptive, a master manipulator, abusive, voilent, tempermental, sneaky, a user, he will sexually force himself upon you to get what he wants and use kind words. He will cheat, steal, snoop and will only have his best interest in mind. He has done this to many other women out there and i just want to be the one to warn you all and speak out. He will waste your time and i suggest being cautious if you meet him. What he did to me was unforgivable and shocking and his time is coming since i am going to press charges. I want to warn all the good woman out there and spread the word. PLEASE be safe AND Dont be fooled by his flattery. He is a thief and will use you for money too, AMONG play with your mind, heart, soul, body. No wonder he is unemployed. he is a total waste of humanity. His time will come for taking advatange of good people. The fact i have to go thru the trouble of reporting him and filing a complaint is unfortunate because its time i cant get back in my life, but i have to do what is best and hope he is doenst do what he did to me to any one else. i hope the right person comes across this posting before getting involved with him or further more before hiring him in a work place.

He lives in Aurora., Ontario email is

28 Reuben St. Aurora, Ontario Canada