– No Resolve and No Reply

My personal photo was posted with my full name and defaming lies on this site without permission. This site should be taken down altogether. Someone stole my picture from my personal social media page without my consent and posted it on this website along with my full name and a whole story of lies which is defamation of character. This is not their property to post. I’ve emailed them and messaged them several times on facebook as well with no resolve and no reply. I want this taken down immediately. It’s not ok for people to be enabled to violate other people and ruin their reputation this way. – Lies about Me

This site allowed my name and lies about me to be spread throughout the internet, affecting my careet and refused to answer my numerous emails. I first found an article about me on 9/16/2015 on the website by simply googling my name. The article i found was completely untrue and simply egregious. I repeatedly tried to contact the site through their contact us, to no avail. They refused to answer me and are allowing lies to be spread throughout the internet about me, affecting my personal relationships and my career as I have clients look me up for interior design purposes. They google my name and this slanderous article pops up. I have reached out to their facebook page as well with no response. I cannot believe there are people out there that would spread such heinous things about someone, and that there are websites that allow lies to be spread with no regard to how it affects innocent parties. This “company” is simply awful not only from a moral standpoint but from a business standpoint. – DMCA Violation

This site has used a picture that I did not consent for them to use. It violates DMCA since this is a private photo of mine. This site is using my personal photo. I have not given them consent to use. It’s a bullying/hate site. I have sent more than one complaint to remove my photo. – No Response

I have requested this be removed and no response..This website has allowed misinformation to be posted and people to impersonate me and it is infringing on my personal and professional life.