Shawn Cupples, Vancouver, Washington

Ladies if you like to be lied to and you love your man having no time for you what~so~ever, Cupples is your man! You will feel like he is treating you like a women should be treated, but unless a women should be cheated on, neglected and put on the back burner you have yourself fooled. If I were you I would call him, and set up a date, you’re in for a evening of going out to dinner by yourself! I hope you like sleeping alone, and wondering where and who your man is with all night. Bring a deck of cards because you are in for some games here. This ‘man’ will roll into your life, and skate off with tons of other women, hopefully you will be smart and use protection, because this relationship isn’t the only thing that can be deadly. Don’t worry he loves to skate and I am not talking about 8 wheels here ladies, he will skate around the truth until he has himself convinced that his cheating and lying ways are Grand! Have fun and don’t say you weren’t warned