Shaun J Lovelace, Oklahoma

Shaun is a predator and a con man! He is a mentally and physically abusive alcoholic. He will do and say whatever it takes to get you to fall in love with him then he will change drastically. He cheats on you the entire time. He will break and steal your stuff and steal your money. He has done this to 3 local woman in Yukon, OK. They had to get VPO’s against him. He cheated on his last GF with Ladona Howard of Yukon. Together they stole her washer and dryer and all her kitchen stuff so ehen she went back with the police to get her stuff it was gone. A few days later she brought it back to his house, except the washer and dryer bc she had proof it was hers, so he sold it. This man is very dangerous! Beware!