Steve Carmen Lepiane, San Jose CA USA

I had known my ex for over 14 years, we were friends for 10 years and together for the rest so I kinda knew he was a cheater but I never knew to this extreme. I had no IDEA what I was in for. Most of this is not going to be believable and I did not believe any of it until I started investigating and yes I have proof of it all. I have texts, numbers, voicemails, notes left on his car, actual video of him having sex with them and emails. I needed hard core proof for my sanity, cause he lied, denied everything and tried to make me think that I was just being paranoid. Even after I showed him the proof, he still told me that it wasn’t true and I was crazy. After awhile I did start going crazy….

His life revolves around sex, he has to have it 2-3x a day. This started young since his parents did not have the sex talk with him when he was growing up (or so I was told. This could be a lie as well, since everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie, so who knows whats the truth or not?) so he learned about sex from porn. He learned that women were whores and should take it like a whore, he learned a lot of bad traits from porn. He is in to the most extreme kink you can think of mom/daughters, sisters, cousins, girls that have had his kids, (ohhh yes he has about 20 or more kids that he does not take responsibility for he will deny this till he dies of course, but Ive seen the pregnancy tests & texts from the moms), pregnant chicks, hookers, his bosses, his mom’s best friend, his roommate, his best friend, grandma/mom/daughter, chicks/animals, bondage, you name it, if it has a pussy and its kinky he’ll fuck it. He even told me he owned a sex slave at one time.

Everything was grand for awhile then things started not adding up. When were together for about 1 1/2 years I asked for a key to his house and I was flat out told NO, that he and his female roommate (which I found out later were fucking) had an agreement not to give out the house key. Uhhhh ok you own the house, your roommate shouldn’t make the rules. Then I had an emergency and needed to used the internet, but left my phone at the house, he would NOT allow me to even use or touch his phone. it was an EMERGENCY and he wouldn’t let me use it. Thats when a red flag went up. The icing on the cake is when my bday came around I invited him to my family’s BBQ for MY birthday. He declined….. Why cause he was going to hang out with one of his mistresses, I only found this out when I checked his phone when he went to the other room. The first time I really got a good idea of what was going on was when I went through his old cell phone. I was put in shock by what I found. He had 13 mistresses, one was his roommate (that he swore on his grandfathers grave he NEVER had sex with and 2 were pregnant with his kid.) Why did I stay with him well… I was just dumb. Not only that, he did not apologize once and felt no remorse whatsoever for what was going on. He was more mad that I touched his personal belongings and read his stuff.

The next time I caught him I found out that he was still having sex with ALL of them and some more. Where the fuck does he get the time to all this? He works ALOT and visits his parents ALOT who he talks mad monkey shit about so it was ironic that he’s always at his parents house. Or he was over at his best friends house V, who is a female, who he was fucking as well.

Then theres fathers day, he swore he was being good, but he was acting funny. That day I caught him having sex with his roommate and not even an hour later a pregnant chick shows up wishes him happy fathers day and then has sex with him. It was his kid, but he denys it. By now I’m pissed but still care for him, he denys ALL of this even after I play the recording for him. You can hear it all, he’s caught red-handed but still will not fess up, then he flips everything onto me. This would be the sociopath part. Suddenly I’m cheating, being weird, suspicious and up to something. He begins stalking me to prove that I’m cheating which I’m not. He stole my old cell phone and starts interogating me on who people are. He calls me up on day and is yelling who is B*** & C****, I replied that is my aunt & uncle I told him. He begins phone stalking people and even accuses me of sleeping with clients! It was absurd and every time I try to bring up his cheating he gets angry, accuses me of having a guilty consious and that the accuser is usually the one cheating. It was driving me nuts so I just drop it. He will never will admit it. I’m dumb and stay with him longer…..

I go through his phone one night to check up on him and low and behold he has a new mistress Berrette, some other chick Younger and Carie. Theres some other numbers in there as well, but they are just “friends”, then suddenly the tables are flipped on me again and I’m stealing his stuff, going out, hiding friends from him. He actually accused me of breaking into his home so that heat was off him and I was at fault for EVERYTHING that failed this relationship. He did NOT take a single ounce of responsibility for his actions. He is incapable of remorse, love, compassion and empathy.

And of course I’m to blame for this failed relationship, being crazy and all, a thief, liar and a cheater when its him. He is the biggest hypocrite Ive ever meet, has no respect for anyone, lacks empathy, is extremely shallow and cheap. He would spend more money on his toys, than me. I’m still waiting for a date night that was promised 2 years ago. Sad but yes, he never took me out either and flowers we out of the question big time. If I’d even ask, his response was well I was going to get you some, but since you asked now you have to wait. The biggest slap in the face was when I returned his belonging nicely and in one piece. Mine were hammered to pieces and thrown on the curb in front of my house in the middle of the night. So be forewarned and watch out, cause you will NEVER get him to admit to anything. OHHHH and if anything is ever posted in his defense by one of these ladies or any lady saying he’s not what I said he is. Then its one of his mistresses, cause I have to the hard core proof on several discs of EVERYTHING…. Here they are

Marika, Jules, Dominica aka D (also his roommate), Vanessa aka V (his best friend), Ashley, Rach (has his kid), Sylvia, Sylvia’s daughter(she has 2 of his kids), cousin & mom, Berrette, Carie (his moms best friend) , Brooke, Jessica, Mojo, Trouble, Amy, Deeana, Emma, Yesso, Younger and many more that are in his phone but don’t have names