christopher anthony rossdogman

Stay clearof this serial cheater and liar 56 yrs old is in bars in NYC Yonkers Poughkeepsie he has cheated his entire life married once and divorced a barfly

A sex addict who drives around with sex objects in his car in a sex box he calls it lube stockings shoes toys etc no condoms be careful

Is a total Narcissist and has short man syndrome, lives in the past thinks hes 26 yrs old , Is an opportunist looking to have a home as he lives like a college student in rooms was a Pitchman his entire life at KMARTS

He will go out will several woman at once and put their names in his phone as pseudonyms

Is on dating websites Meet ME hi five Tinder PMS WOMAN on Facebook

Heavy smoker, MISSING TEETH bald, terrible temper takes meds He canbe very funny initially then very depressed mean and spiteful and a serial cheater

Thinks hes worthy of a ten hes a four at best a total con artist like his pitchman job was

Drives old cars wears salvation army clothes and lies incessantly Very hairy grey hair body chases young girls

Does not value gd health Stay clear trouble