Sean Splaine of Amazon AWS conducts job interviews in speedos and pyjamas in Seattle Washington

Sean Splaine in Seattle Washington is an executive leadership recruiter with tech giant Amazon (AWS – Amazon Web Services). Sean Splaine seems to have a penchant for attractive male candidates who are let’s just say beefcakes, hunks, studs and the like. When I first interviewed with Sean Splaine, he invited me to his hotel room (he was travelling on business). He was shirtless, wearing silk pyjamas and he made a pass at me. Totally inappropriate. Plus, I am straight. Then, when a friend of mine interviewed with Sean Splaine, he conducted the meeting poolside wearing his speedos and he was overtly flirty with him. WTF! And this other friend of mine who booked a dinner meeting with Sean Splaine, it was supposed to be at a ritzy restaurant for couples. He declined. What is wrong with Sean Splaine? Is he seeking suitable candidates or he is scouting for a boy toy?! Good Lord!!!