Scott Wozniak cheated many people on Kickstarter in New York

Scott Wozniak is this wannabe DJ in New York who claims to be a producer although he has never had a hit. Not even one. In 2013, Scott Wozniak started a Kickstarter campaign to fund his “debut album”. It is almost 2017 and there is not a sight of any album. Scott Wozniak raised $20,000 on Kickstarter and he kept all the money for himself! This scam artist Scott Wozniak married his hideous looking girlfriend Alice (an Australian living in the US illegally so that she could get she could get her green card by marrying this Polish clown Scott Wozniak). Scott Wozniak spent much of the money on strippers, escorts, drinks, bar excursions and pleasure trips. And despite being married, Scott Wozniak continues to cheat routinely. No surprise given that Scott Wozniak has 5 kids from previous relationships. Scott Wozniak is a vile person and it is unfortunate that naive and unsuspecting people coughed up money to fund his fun times. There is no album, folks. You all have been SCAMMED by this shameless scoundrel Scott Wozniak!!!