Royalty Mobile Detail and Car Wash

PJ Abbott and his wife Lindsey Abbott scam local veteran businesses and families by selling fake stock and fake washes.PJ Abbott will present you with a fake marketing pack saying he owns millions of dollars in businesses and that he is a bad car driver. PJ Abbott uses his disabled son to scam charities and to receive free food from local restaurants. PJ Abbott was fired from Global Marketing empire Solutions Houston for stealing the logos from the company. Contact VP Shantell Jackson for any info on the lies and scams of PJ Abbott. PJ Abbott will take your money and then harass and threaten your family. We have months of threats and messages from PJ Abbott. We have made over 6 complaints to the local sheriff for harassment on PJ Abbott. Royalty Mobile Detail was recently supposivly sold to Rehab Garage. Beware of these companies and PJ Abbott