Chad Humphrey, Vancouver,Kamloops, Calgary Canada

Stay clear of Chad Humphrey in Vancouver, Kamloops, Ottawa, Victoria, Calgary … could be looking for next victim anywhere. Claims to own private jets, house in Bahamas, endless properties, sport car, businesses, a restaurant in Calgary called Cleaver. Claims opening in Vancouver and he’s majority owner. He has none of this. He is not a pilot and has no money!!! He tries to steal yours for bogus investments with no paperwork. You will never see your money again. He is a known cheater stringing many women along. He is not overly attractive but plays the nice guy card. Says he loves you and no one like you. Tells stories of ex being gold digger in Ottawa and gets you to pay so he knows you have good intentions. He has no money to pay and if he does he stole from someone else. He is currently under investigation for fraud. Stay clear. Please post on this site if you met him or got scammed. Warn people. Go to Facebook to see a page started to warn others; you can find by his photo. This needs to end. If he has done anything to you or tries call Kamloops police right away a file has been started. Security commissions is also investigating him and looking for people to be witnesses and share their stories. Even if he just tried to get you to invest call them so they know his latest scams. Call Chris at 6o4 8996622. He’s very good. Also go to, ,, Tell your stories to warn others. Pass his photo from Facebook around your town.
He will tell you he knows prominent business people and he does not, flies sick children around and does not, after a few girls investigating him when his s**t stunk all verified nothing he says is true. He has scammed over 600,000 we know of. Call Cleaver restaurant to report his fraud. Contact Facebook poster for more info. Three separate investigations going on and he will pay, it is fraud!
He sees you then has to take off at last minute as he is seeing other women and trying to juggle it all. Get checked for STDs right away if he tricked you. He is a master of manipulation and knows what women like to hear. But seem believable as he stays in nice hotels, takes fake phone calls on investments and name drops. All fake! He will say his ex is being vengeful but it’s truthful. Feel sorry for his son Connor Humphrey as he has a crook for a dad. He claims us ex wife took off when kid was young and he’s been raising him, not true, she is very involved and might be still married to him. Named Jennifer Humphrey. Find her as well. Go after him every way as he is scum.
Believe nothing! Give him no money! Warn others! Share stories to keep alive in internet! He also scams men as well with his bull,stories. Do not feel bad he took you he’s a mastermind criminal! We are working to get this in the media. Scum of earth!

Stephen Li (also known as Zhixing Li), Auckland, New Zealand

We weren’t together very long, i ended up leaving him just shy of the six month mark because i simply couldn’t handle how toxic he is. we met on tinder so obviously i should have known he is completely f****d in the head. he screams at his mother. yeah, she isn’t very pleasant but dude…you don’t yell at your mother, thats just so disrespectful and wrong. he would constantly shame me for eating IN PUBLIC, he would constantly compare me to other women and he progressively got worse when i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. he was literally there during the whole diagnosis process but he just had zero empathy. he is a w***e for attention to the point where he will literally exaggerate the fact that he has depression like wtf why? because your mum wants you to actually do something with your life? but when someone (including me) has legitimate problems and trauma, he will simply disregard it and be like “OH BUT IM SOOOOO MUCH WORSE MY MUM IS SO MEAN!!!” i would beg him to seek help because i was really worried about him and instead of listening, he would basically project all of his issues ONTO ME! he is also incapable of being honest – instead of telling the truth, he will pick out the bits of the truth that are convenient for him and not mention WHY THIS HAPPENED IN THE FIRST PLACE! he encouraged me to let his mother perform a special treatment on me to get rid of my fibromyalgia but instead she f*****g ELECTROCUTED me and to this day i still havent recovered the muscle function that i’ve lost and i still have migraines and brain zaps even a year later. his response??? “eh.” not even an apology, just “eh,” he also tells people that i wouldnt pay rent, but he never mentions that i didnt pay rent because HE GAVE ME PERMISSION NOT TO!! why would i not pay rent? because he is too much of a lazy piece of s**t to even feed himself but yeah sure totally go ahead and tell everyone that i stole from you. how about you give me back the mobility you and your mother stole from me and the sanity you stole from months of gaslighting me????? and you’re clearly f*****g up your current girlfriend too because when i apologised for possibly making her uncomfortable when i saw that she works at the local grocery store and that she has no reason to feel threatened so she can stop staring at me when i want to do my groceries in peace because she basically responded with a ton of the lies he tells about me, she scrolled through my instagram for months and even told me to kill myself (not in those exact words because its now illegal in NZ) but yeah, how much do you have to f**k someone up to the point where shes stalking your clearly uninterested ex girlfriend! she is actually the reason i felt inspired to warn other women about him because there’s a special place in h**l for women who don’t help other women and i would never wish my experience with him upon anyone else. i hope he learns to tell the truth and that he treats women with respect not just when its convenient for him but ALWAYS!!! tried to blackmail me (Damien Basdeo )

I am also a extortion victim of the website They are not real and believe nothing they post. I was on an adult dating site. They also called me a second time demanding money. I was tricked on the adult dating site plenty of fish

Kylie Hendershot Atlanta Georgia

This girl is total trash if its even her name. She trolls the internet and goes all over the place asking young girls to model for and with her. Just like creepy old guys on dating sites trying to get dirty pictures. She’s a total piece of trash and should be in jail. Get a real job. The IRS needs to track her down for all the money she’s taking from innocent young girls. If you see a screen name Robin123 Robin1234 RobinH123 or any variation its her. I’ll post pictures she’s using also. Mainly on POF.

Justin Wallner, Los Angeles, CA USA

Justin Wallner of (Game PR) is the shadiest and most shameful human beings out there. He is quite mentally unstable. He harass and maliciously attack innocent people. He is also always trying to scam money from others. Be extremely careful…you never know when he will be onto you next. And you don’t have to do anything wrong. He is sniffing for opportuities to gain something from you.

This horrendous crook is a loser in his own form. Despite being unusually tricky and sinister, scam from others is never that easy so he barely made it yet. Therefore he falls in a vicious circle of constantly harming good people, gaining nothing except making himself even more mentally pathetic and unstable, and even more loserdoom.

You can’t trust this vicious gamer ever and at any moment you could fall his target for terrific and disturbing experience while he plays niceness to you on the surface. Dig a little more into his life and what he does, it is not hard to find out how this hypocrite who pretending to be a good person relies on scamming and attacking people but yet still couldn’t make a living. People are seriously warned of his intention to cause harm and conduct money fraud.

Justin Wallner has been reported to authorities and is under the law enforcement radar. If he’d even dare to make another move, he’ll know he is not far from…

Sana Ismail Khan, Inkster MI, USA, 734 353 8636 – Henry Ford Community College

If you want to cop a head or a root from a married woman, she’s the go to person. She has no morals in life and even married her cousin n f****d him, the first time at the age of 16!!!!!!!!. She’s in her second marriage now, still playing her slutty little games. If you see a red Camry driving around in the canton, Dearborn, Ann Arbor or inkster area suss her out. Never miss this opportunity.


Kayla Hampton, Burnaby, British Columbia

Kayla Hampton is a nasty w***e. This w***e loves it up the a*s will lie to you tell you she in romance writer. fact that she is romance scammer that scams men on dating sites, don’t be fooled she’s been doing this for a very very long time. WARNING: Don’t Trust Her