Sasha Earll, Scottsdale, Arizona

She’s a dirty one for sure! Sasha Earll A.K.A Max (Her really original striper name). My instinct with this one is that she was born a hermaphrodite & the doctors removed the wrong genitalia hence making her a woman with a baritone voice, unusually tall masculine figure, & an Adam’s apple. :/ This hoe-bag sleeps with other men while her husband either watches or meekly participates! She likes going after married men & men with girlfriends, but her FAV is a taken man WITH money! Like we didn’t see that coming just by looking at her! She will attempt to blackmail these men if they don’t continue to give her what she wants… Her hobbies include beating up her husband, causing drama, breaking up relationships & getting her kids taken away from her due to her mental illness & drug problem! Watch out boys, she’s definitely not a keeper, but if she decides YOU are, she just might cling on to you, seduce you, & ruin your life!