Saffiyya Rayani of Microsoft in Seattle WA

Saffiyya Rayani of Microsoft is looking for a hubby to sponsor her. Saffiyya Rayani of Microsoft in Seattle WA is 49 years old and she entered the US as a refugee asylum seeker. Her application to remain in the US has been denied several times. Her employer Microsoft where she works as a contractor won’t even help her get a Green card. So now she is desperate to marry almost any dude who will sponsor her as a wife. Saffiyya Rayani meets naïve and unsuspecting men on Tinder, WhattsApp, SnapChat, etc, and she sleeps with them right on the first-date in the hopes they will fall for her, leading to marriage and a US visa for her. Nik, men ought to watch out for this conniving and deplorable scoundrel Saffiyya Rayani.