Robert James Murphy Ocala Florida

Robert James Murphy is a real peice of shit! He lies, cheats, & steals, his way through life, he’s a straight up sociopath! He’s been in prison 3 times for fraud! He has never taken care of his 4 kids, 2 he even signed over his rights, his drugs, making money illegally & whores is all he cares about, he’s a selfish prick, if he does anything remotely nice u can expect that there’s something in it for him cuz he don’t do shit outta the kindness of his heart without benefitting himself, he will tell u all his exes r horrible, that they did him wrong etc but u soon find out its him who did them wrong, and he has no remorse whatsoever! He will walk away & on to the next victim, I sadly was a victim for almost 2 years, I did love very much and that is y I stayed with him so long even after so much bullshit he put me through I figured it was the drugs that was destroying his mind , he stole $ & jewelry to support his drug habit, he got arrested & I supported him emotionally & financially through this whole sentence, from jail & prison, he promised me he’d make up for all the shit he put me through but when he was released he gaslighted me through silence and triangulation, he’d tell me he was too busy to call or text & when id complain or cry bout it it would b as long as 3 days I wouldn’t hear from him he cheated on me with a nasty skanky UGLY fat redneck whore! But she will find out soon enough how he truly is! Cuz no doubt about it he’s already cheated on her too cuz he can’t stay faithful if his life depended on it, he always has women around him wether new ones or slimey despicable exes like him, his family is crazy like he is, it’s the most dysfunctional family I’ve met in my entire life! He has way too much unwanted drama! He only hangs out with other junkie losers, how low he is, is he called my autistic son retarted and in same sentence saying it’s hard to say that bout him cuz I love him but fuck it, it’s collateral damage! He’s really sick twisted and demented but so is his family, he was molested from his bro @ a very young age, he even lost his virginity to his 1st cousin, they all have a love/hate relationship towards each other, but his mom is a straight up psychopath which he learned all of his dirty deeds! if u ever encounter him just run the other way believe u will do urself a favor cuz no good ever comes from even being in the same room as him