Rich Barnes, Boise, Idaho

Rich has proven himself a serial seducer of married women, wantonly pursuing a selfish desire for casual “off-limits” sex with a sweet charade and glasses of wine, without regard for the lasting emotional agony it will bring to the women and their families. So it was with Amanda Nichole Prescott, her husband and four kids, including a toddler. When that ended, the irrevocable damage to family done, he preyed on others until coming back around to the married mother who had been one of Amanda’s best friends (another destroyed relationship) during the earlier affair. Rich even shook hands and made an hour of friendly conversation with the husband of the latter woman less than 24 hours before inviting her over to “see his new house” while he was away for the day. His moral bankruptcy is as astonishing as it is destructive. How many families must he destroy or hurt so deeply?