Eyal Tamir; UMass, Amherst; also Tel Aviv, Israel

I met Eyal through a backstabbing friend and her husband. We connected immediately, and were intimate quickly. I didn’t know if it would be a fling or more, but he said he wanted me to visit him where he lived and worked at Emory University at the time, in Atlanta. We stayed in contact daily, and he knew I was relationship minded. This continued for awhile. After my backstabbing friend told me he was using me to get info about me to pass to her husband (his best friend), I told him that if he didn’t see this going anywhere then he needed to tell me. He said, “Okay, let’s just do that.”

He kept reaching out, and I told him that I did not want to be “just friends.” He assured me that he was NOT using me. I tried to end the contact but he insisted we continue talking because he still thought we had a great connection. Mixed messages for sure, but he was clearly acting like he was still interested. Him and the backstabbing friend and her husband (threesome) would later use my continuation of intimate talk with him as accusing me of “using my sexual power and still getting rejected.” We kept talking, and I told him at one point that if he didn’t plan to see me again, he needed to tell me. He assured me that he did. A month later he informed me that what we had was nothing and just s*x messages. I was utterly blindsided. He did this via TEXT, after the whole thing of assuring me that he was not using me. He defending himself (via text) that since he never offered me an exclusive relationship, I was the one who was clearly confused, and he was in the free and clear. This was our first round of a few months, which ended abruptly with a cold discard via text.

The threesome did some of the backstabbing to my face, but mostly behind my back. The whole thing was a head f**k. Eyal did initially say he was friend-zoning me, but he also refused to break contact when I said that I did not want to be friends.

Eyal Tamir is a master at keeping things as evasive, confusing, and contradictory as possible.

Eyal is 42 years old and has never had a relationship. He is addicted to p*********y, and obsessed in a delusional relationship with his favorite p**n star, “Stoya.” Between Stoya and his attachment to his mother’s apron strings (who still supports him financially), he has no capacity for a relationship and has no kids- and likely never will. He uses facebook to whine to his friends, who are almost all female, that, “girls don’t like me,” “why do I even try.” He does this to elicit non-stop sympathy.

He used my birthday, which he had promised to remember, to inform me that he had just liked the s*x. The messages between us read as psychopathic. I am asking him basically what his intentions ever were and are- since he flip-flopped with “I was never using you,” to “This is just s*x,” and reading these messages, I cannot believe how cold and vile his is in them.

Months later, my mother committed suicide. The female friend in this was no longer my friend as she had not only been abusive, but informed me that she wanted to be with Eyal and had been sabotaging our relationship. Eyal’s response? “So what. People can fantasize about people.” He clearly liked it, but Eyal is desperate for attention anywhere he can get it. The female friend reaches out, using my mother’s suicide as an excuse to use my apartment to do drugs. Eyal reaches out, ONCE AGAIN, assuring me that it was never his intention to use me!! (mind f**k much?). He said he wanted to be there for me. He kept talking to me like a boyfriend would. Flirting and being sweet.. I kept telling him if he was trying to be a friend, keep it platonic. I told him that it looked like he wanted more than friendship. He persisted. I was vulnerable. My whole family blamed me for my mother’s suicide all over facebook, and I was grief-stricken and couch-bound. I finally gave in, flirting back, and there we were again.

We made plans for him to come visit me. I asked if he had feelings for anyone, and he discarded me, AGAIN. Coldly and abruptly AGAIN. Then, AGAIN, he reminds me that we were not a relationship. I was floored, AGAIN.

Eyal conned me. He contradicted himself and played on my confusion. I handed everything he did to me, as well as what the husband and wife did and their collective, three-way involvement in abusing me, over to a lawyer. I fully intend to pursue legal action against all three of them. Eyal showed me an emotionless, remorseless, inherently abusive personality. He is Jekkyl and Hyde. He has an innocent side where he whines for attention and seeks sympathy from others, and then he SWITCHES into a cold, sadistic man.

A friend and I found him on ratemyprofessor.com. Two women had rated him as abusive to women. One woman was asking them to “please do something about him.” She wrote that he had been trying to pick her up all the time after class and that she never felt so degraded in her life. This was two weeks after the gross messages with me on my birthday. (side note: he made sure to go on Stoya’s social media, though, and wish her a happy birthday).

Stay away from him. Being 42 and never having had a relationship is an obvious red flag in itself, and clearly many women throughout his life learned quickly not to date him. Because of the connection and the manipulative friend playing me as a party to our “relationship,” I put up with him longer than most. Don’t make the same mistake I did. This man is a player through and through, and he will put you through “circular conversations,” to mindfuck you into thinking that you are just confused or stupid. Don’t believe it, this is his M.O. He is sadistic, which means that he is amused and takes pleasure in other’s pain and suffering. When I called him a player, he changed his facebook name to “E.P. Tamir,” (extended play). That’s how funny he thought what he did to me was. After my mother committed suicide, he immediately changed his profile picture to Eeyore hanging himself. When I told him this timing was classless and insensitive, he blew me off with, “that photo was up and down for awhile.” He showed his absolute lack of even a sliver of empathy.

There is quite a lot more than what I wrote here, but it would take a novelette to describe the disorder I experienced with him and his two cohorts, especially how it played out in the group dynamic. That is best left for court. I spent 15 months dealing with this in therapy. Mental abuse is no joke. Emotional abuse is no joke.

Lee Anthony McHugh, Miami, Fl, FOr Lauderdale ,FL, Palm Beach , FL,Hoboken NJ,New York, New York,Los Angeles, CA, Beverly Hills, CA, Essex, UK, Liverpool, UK,London, UK

This man is an Internet Predator and Narcissist from Liverpoole, England ( go back please!) career car salesman aka Professional Liar, sell Rolls Royces and other fancy cars he neither owns nor can afford and the fact that he is British to lure the easily impressed low class naive African american and Hispanic young girls he has a sexual fetish for, also any other woman he can hook on Facebook and the multiple dating hook up site he is on to get fresh supply/new victims. He is on every dating site from Millionaire Match(ha) to , I love your accent, ashley madison ( while he was married),adult friend finder, tinder, plenty of fish,match.com and he uses different aliases, lies about his name and where he is currently living ( since he moves around alot as most con artists do). Tries to position himself a nice “single dad” looking for a serious realtionship when was in fact a married womanizer( blatantly lied on his profile and said he was divorced and then when he was caught lying said his wife whom he married /conned just to get US Citzenship told him it was okay to lie so he could get laid)anyway after he she had his lovechild he decides to get divorces since he got the green card he wanted. He also has a grown son in the UK from a teen pregnancy that he never even mentioned (since he ran away to the US to avoid being responsible for and another man raised) now his current little boy is being rised by another man a well- what a selfish loser. anyway this man is not looking for any relationship other than cheap s*x and f**k buddies with as many black and latino women as possible. He will use perks form his job selling ego wagons such as free tickets to fancy work parties to lure women_ he will take you to a party he doesnt have to pay for one time to impress you then try and put you in his little harem of Facebook groupies, he also has women fly out to visit him ( on their expense of course) for their birthday or some other lame excuse then offer them to stay at his place so he can get them drunk and f**k them with his small p***s and he will take them to a few c and d list trendy bars and clubs to further impress and seduce them into thinking they have some kind of special realtionship when they are no more that this weeks f**k toy and ego boost . he will keep up a fake text and facebook relationship to string them along forever… if you call him out on his bull s**t and refuse to kiss his a*s or tell the truth about him he becomes abusive, cruel etc, block you,tell his other guppies not to talk to you and , does gaslighting, says your crazy as he is truly emotionally dead and ony interested in serving and feeding his ego. also a s*x addict, alcoholic and takes trip to third world countires liek Columbia, dominican repulic , curacao etc to have s*x with poor black and latin women who have to sell themselves to survive. No wonder he is a carrier spreader of HPV which is not protected by condom from all the african crackwhores and s***s he f***s. This man is a disgusting lying selfish cold f****d up British Pig in a suit- he can threaten all he wants _ i will no longer keep his secrets for him. If he does not want the truth told about him he should not think he can use, abuse and treat black and latin women like cheap pieces of disposible a*s and get away with it. you fuced with thee wrong b***h this time liverpool loser!

Taha Alshaikhly; Seattle, Washington, USA.

COMPULSIVE liar, NEVER to be trusted. He is very good at spinning everything that comes out of his mouth and I have been with my fair share of cheaters. He has cheated his way through California, Utah, New York, and now Seattle, Washington. I have proof. You have been warned. I have done my part.

Aaron Weixel San Jose California & Medford Oregon

Hay Aaron Weixel! Little no b***s p***y b***h. What the matter? Can’t man up & sack up enough to keep a promise to A? Gotta run out like a f*****g pansy & s**t while she suffers? C saw her ya know. Looks like a f*****g shell of the lady she was. Ya f*****g destroyed her & ya don’t even got no remorse. Too busy out there f*****g new girls ain’t ya? Too busy f*****g new girls to keep a promise to a lady ya told was your FRIEND. Your FRIEND that ya knocked up. F*****g pathetic std spreading baby abandoning loser ya are.

ALL the details on this douchebag loser at cheaterland.


Russell Boltwood, Piedmont, California Lawyer

Russell Boltwood got caught having an affair in Jan of 2015. The affair took place in Vancouver on Sept 25th – 28th. It was later discovered that his wife – who had fallen sick with cancer had died 30 days after the affair . While his wife was on her death bed he left her side to cheat on her.

George Clooney, Lexington, Kentucky

George Clooney was cheating on his wife with me and as for the truth of this, I busted him cheating on me with Julia Roberts..he knows the truth? His wife Amal wants to leave him, but now she don’t because George Clooney is a known heart breaker in Hollywood. She knows he’s handsome foxed actor but he will never changed his ways. George put his fingers inside my a*****e and my p***y and started to finger f**k me. He told me he couldn’t wait until he blew his nutt all over my a*s. Then two days later we went back to the hotel and did our thing. George f****d my p***y so hard with his tongue and made me c*m all over his mouth. He even told me I tasted better then his own wife. Amal has a big ego now after being married to George Clooney and that she is placing more importance in her looks and doesn’t even care about him cheating on her, because she don’t want to lose him. Now George Clooney was seen kissing a unknown blonde woman during a dinner but sources close to George Clooney denied it saying that the woman was the wife of a good friend of George Clooney and that they were only kissing as a form of hello. Now he lying on me, if he keeps this s**t up i have video and photos that i will post on this website so his wife can see all dirty s**t he did to me, Don’t let George fool you because he is actor. He was good in bed with his little 5 inches. George middle name is Timothy. So watch out for him because he is a Womanizer…


Anthony Broccolina cheated on me and hit me. He is a low life that abuses and plays games with women. Uses people and scams people with his business Baltimore Building Concepts. He sleeps around and f***s anything. He even f***s multiple hoes in his truck but pretends to be someone he is not. Avoid this loser. He stole money and items from my home. He cheats on every women he has been with and he has no respect for women. This guy doesn’t deserve any woman or your business. Beware of him!

Jason Mahaffey, Bellbrook, Ohio

Jason Mahaffey a huge douche bag who doesn’t care about anyone but himself. I am very upset. I was involved in a relationship with Jason Mahaffey for 2 years. Its a long duration. I didn’t find his responsible partner to continue relationship and he cheated me. he was dating a rich married woman and very much involved in a relationship with me. He tries to have s*x with every girl who talks to him and still tells other girls that he “loves” them and isn’t talking to anyone else. He’s a pathological liar and cheater who doesn’t think he has a problem, he also has anger problems.


Vikkie Grimm, New Albany, Indiana

This woman was sleeping with me and my cousin at the same time. Just a heads up out there in the surrounding area, she is a player and will never be faithful or honest. See for yourself at most any local bars. She has to be the center of attention and will make sure of it.

Brian Rathfelder, Bakersfield, California – You cant trust this guy.

Brian Rathfelder searches internet dating sites like NoStringsAttached and facebook for woman to date for s*x. He has multiple emails and user alias names he goes by PlatoRasta, Ming27, EatYourAssOut, and etc. This man has been a cheater since he was 17.. hes known for beating up women, even his own mom! Just a low down dirty shame, dont have much to say, we met on a NoStringsAttached, He is horrible in bed, cant even keep his d**k hard. All he does is smoke weed and sleep around. Just a guy wanting s*x from Radom women. He gets naked for underage gals and guys What a douchebag, nothing but a stinky a*s and watch out he has something you dont want to catch. He will take whats yours and act like its his. He is a dead beat that lives off of his mommy. You cant trust this guy. He will hurt you. He is abusive and you have been warned. Don’t trust him with money especially, like I said, he steals.


Juan Segura, Miami, Florida

Beware ladies, this man is married to a beautiful women and they have been together for years!!! he also has a daughter. He would go out with you and make you fall in love with him just so he can get what he want obviously.. And what he would say about his WIFE is that they are not together, and that she lives in a different state which is the reason why they aren’t together anymore, but in reality they are still married and living under the same roof. Its sad but he would make his wife sound crazy by telling you that shes still obsessed with him. People like this are the worst how have you be married, have a daughter, and still cheat like this, and the worst way to by making you fall in love. And I recently found out that I was one of many women he was having s*x with while still married. And all while he told me that he was not seeing anyone else, and that he was completely single!!!

Alan Volz, Keller, Texas

Met him on christianmingle. Talked for a couple of months. He was extremely sexual with his conversations borderline perverted. Every time I tried to change the subject he would always find a way to interject s*x into our chats. Met him a couple times in person. Normal meetings play putt putt golf and lunch. We seemed to be getting along well and he said many times that he was looking for a woman to spend his life with. He acts like he is a church going type of man yet in private hes the exact opposite. I just thought it was because he had been divorced and single for 8 years. So I continued to see him thinking we were going somewhere until I discovered that he was chatting with other women all along. When confronted about it he claimed he was just searching for the right one. He said he was looking for someone who lived closer to him. He likes to send sexual texts and will send them all day long. Just warning the women out there that if you meet him he is not very monogamous or faithful. Hes constantly looking for someone better.