Sheena Rose Tadena (Fresno, California)

Sheena Tadena is a 31 year old pinay attention whore with bad vision that makes her mildly cross-eyed. Stands at 5’5 and currently weighing over 180 pounds of bullshit.

Sometimes wears glasses when she feels like she is a little dumber than usual, but usually wears sunglasses when going out to cover her ugly ass face. Brags about her hard working success of being a pinay because she has nothing else to brag about.

Freeloading fat fuck who’s bad in bed. Spends her time taking selfies and counting numbers on her facebook. Everything about her is a lie. Can’t hold a job. Can’t drive a car without causing an accident. Needs her license revoked for sure.

She likes the attention of any man, especially ones with kids. Lies about everything, even the color of her shoes. She is physically abusive and loves drama more than she will ever love you.

Says no one can resist her. Calls herself a queen. No good in bed, just lays there like a dead seal. Has fantasies of lying down on a rose bed and being pleased by multiple guys at once without doing anything. She will suck anyone who gives her a second glance. Has multiple boyfriends (human wallets) and a kid. Sleeps with men and demands money or else she would say rape.

Pretends to be helplessly depressed with a hard life.