David Hough (David Errol Hough) Minooka, Illinois, USA

David Errol Hough is a self-professed and diagnosed sociopath. He has a pattern of wreaking destruction upon his victims. He moves from supply source to supply source with no regard for his victims, adults or children. He is even more dangerous because he has family who will bail him out and lie for him around every corner. These family members support and cover-up his tendencies and desertions. Before you even have an idea of what is happening he has already begun the lies and betrayals against you to insure when he does discard you and any children in the relationship all of his financial supply sources will feel sorry for him and give him money to live. Rest assured he has plenty of debt he will hide from you until he needs your money to pay it. He will laugh as he tells you what he has convinced them to believe about you. His financial supply sources need to take responsibility for what they have enabled this 44 year old overgrown child to do to so many women and children. They know him, his games and the sickness he was diagnosed with as a child and they still enable him to perpetrate these destructive acts upon his victims by continuously providing him money and resources for the “love-bombing” and after each discard. In fact, my acquaintance was told that he comes from such a wealthy background that he receives checks as “gifts” or from his trust fund (non-existent) on a regular basis. It was not until she discovered correspondence that came with one of these “gifts” that she found out he was lying about how he acquired the money from one of his suppliers. She never wanted or needed the money. He would spend hundreds of dollars a month on fast food for only himself and toys (literally children’s toys and video games for himself, not the child he was pretending to be a dad to). Then he would cry to these family members that she was spending all of “their” money on herself or child and that he never got anything for himself. Even though she would scrape by to make sure he had money to buy whatever he wanted. My acquaintance was berated and often given the cold shoulder by family members because he had lied so badly about her starting about 2 years into their relationship.

Listen to all of the stories he tells you. And after some phone calls and investigating his past, they are ALL just stories. It is always his exes spending, drinking, gambling, etc that causes the financial problems in the relationship and the need for him to leave. In reality it is ALL him and his narcissism. Lies, lies and more lies with no accountability. He cries to his financial supply sources and then they give him more money to make it all better. Even buy him cars. He uses the money to manipulate his current source or to love-bomb the next victim. He ALWAYS moves quickly in relationships. You will find him living with you in a matter of weeks or months as he tells you he has “never felt like this before” and that you “woke him up inside.” It was not until he left that my acquaintance was able to payoff bills, get her own home and actually spend money on herself and child. Just look at the facts about him, he still cannot support himself. Either living with family, having them pay his bills or quickly moving in with a new source and retreating to video game land. Because of this financial supply from family members and their refusal to admit his sickness the lives of several children have forever been scarred and damaged. They too are at fault for enabling his pathological lying. Why would they never pick up the phone and talk directly to the current source? He is constantly talking to them because he is not capable of real feelings so he has to ask them how he should feel about different aspects of your relationship (like a true sociopath). He also likes to say it takes him a lot of time to process things….because he needs to be told how to feel by the few people he trusts.

He picks his victims carefully and usually always from an online forum such as a dating site, video game, etc. If you have children he will use them. He prefers victims with children. He is very good at getting them to adore him in the beginning which is just the means to the ends of his psychological and emotional control and abuse of them. But soon enough things change. If you disagree with his extreme parenting methods you will get glimpses of the narcissistic rage that lies right beneath the surface. And you will pay. Oh will you pay through emotional abuse and manipulation.

He will convince you that his cheating is just your trust issues in overdrive. Somehow he can sense when his victims have trust issues from past relationships. Social media, hundreds of hidden e-mail accounts, disposable cell phones and jobs that allow him breaks for online s*x hook-ups are his only friends. Just do some simple searches and you will find his profiles on the adult s*x sites. He likes to tell you that it is “just for the pornographic pictures” and that he does not really contact anyone on the sites.

Know the signs and beware of letting him in your life as boyfriend or s*x partner or even as a “friend.” Question everything if he is in your life. Notice how defensive he will get and turn it on you. That and sarcasm are his best defense mechanisms when in trouble. Look at how easily he has moved from state to state and arrives with nothing from his past. He has no good friends or even friends of his own. He only has friends that you provide him. And rest assured that he has begun to manipulate them to believe him over you so when things happen in your relationship he can make sure they think you are crazy. He will work diligently and deceptively to make sure he puts a divide between you and your family. Once you choose him it is game over for you. He knows he has you to control. All of the evidence is there but you have to see past the love-bombing, pathological lying and emotional manipulation. He is cold, sick, and demented. Pretending to regret his past, things he has done to you and promising to change are all part of his constant and consistent pattern. He cannot change. You will not change him. The most important thing to remember if you are reading this as a current supply source is that you will heal when he is out of your life. You are not alone and you are far from his first victim.

I am not passing this on as a victim. I saw the dead in his eyes the first time he stepped into my home. Most sociopaths are described as soulless and I saw this in him even though he preys on spirituality and pretends to be a spiritual creature. I was not a source for him. I was a good friend of one of his supply sources as well as a threat to him. It was recent phone call that she received from a recently discarded source that caused a bonding between the two of them over his many lies that sparked me to write this warning. I witnessed his process of love bombing, manipulation, pathological lying (to and about her), endless emotional abuse and then the discard after securing a new source of supply (and plenty of cheating in between). I am not writing this for her. She came through his discard and has thrived. I am writing this for the children he has hurt and abandoned. The psychological abuse and discard of the children is beyond sick. They are left spinning, reeling and crying. I pray that every child he victimizes has a mother as strong as my friend. Time, counseling and love have guaranteed her child will not come through as a victim. Her child will not repeat the sociopathic destruction of this monster.

Remember that when the discard happens and it WILL happen he choose you as his victim. Remember this post and why you are reading it. It was not your fault. Get help, support and counseling as sociopathic relationships are the most difficult to heal from. And get help for any children involved. He never should have been in their lives.

His latest discard recently posted the message below on PlayerBlock.com and I will respect her wishes going forward:

“Whoever keeps posting about my life with David Hough in Minooka (Illinois) on cheaterreport and FB please stop including me. My life is better without him and without the worry of who he is cheating with next. The woman he has been having an affair with can have him. I have more self-esteem and more respect for my child than to keep a cheater in my life like David Hough. So please stop using my life with him for examples of anything. I get he cheated on you too but I am done with him and have been since the moment I found out he was cheating. My divorce from David Hough will be done soon and it cannot happen fast enough. It would be great if he would quit fighting it (of course he is fighting it, he wants to keep her as a source and p****d she is out of his control). I would appreciate your having respect for me and the situation with David Hough. I do not wish to be involved in these antics period. I hope you too are able to heal and move on. I have sunk low enough to reach out to you on here. And I have said all I am going to say on the subject. Also, please stop emailing from random accounts. Thank you and good luck to you.”

I did not make those posts and I have never posted on that site. Clearly there are plenty of discards and victims looking for this scumbag. And you can find this post on FB as well.

Emily Fae Jamison (Bittner), Columbus, GA, United States of America

This woman is destructive to anything and anyone close to her. STAY AWAY; DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING SHE TELLS YOU.

She is severely unstable, with a lengthy past history of bipolar, manic depressive disorder and anxiety. She has established a consistent pattern of deceiving her partners once they no longer fit her selfish purposes. She often denies any wrongdoing, lies outright to her friends and family, or finds some kind of weak moral justification for continuing to cheat on her partners. She does not know accountability to herself, let alone to a partner or spouse. She does not take ownership of her own thoughts, feelings, or actions and will always take the selfish route out as a part of her exit strategy.

She once cheated on an ex-boyfriend of over four years with another man for a period of a few months, and when the boyfriend found out and confronted her (she initially denied the claims multiple times, despite the boyfriend finding hard proof of her affairs), she told her boyfriend that the guy she was sleeping with had “raped” her. In reality, they had consensual s*x, and continued to do so, and she made up the false story of rape to explain away her actions to her devastated boyfriend. Now she maintains a friendship with the guy who “raped” her, describing him as a good friend and person, and has absolutely no contact with her ex-boyfriend of four years.

She once lied to a good friend of hers that another ex-boyfriend was an abusive drunk who had access to weapons in the home, and that she feared for her livelihood. Her friend did all of the appropriate things – called the police, told her to get to safety, drove across the state in the middle of the night, and made sure she was safe…only to find out that the ex-boyfriend had never laid a finger on her.

As if either of those two weren’t enough, she lied to her spouse (!) about a message with another male friend in which she expressed how awesome it was to have s*x with people you didn’t know from Tinder, etc., because it was so freeing and you could just laugh and love without any cares. When her spouse confronted her about the message, she immediately put all of the guilt onto him, berating him for violating her privacy by checking her phone, and used that as the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’ to give up on the marriage and file for divorce, backing it with weak and unsubstantiated claims of ‘mental cruelty’ and emotional abuse.

After that, she CONTINUED to lie to her spouse about her whereabouts and actions during their separation while she was having an affair with another man in a nearby city, even being so careless and brazen as to introduce her TWO-YEAR-OLD SON into that environment and to her deplorable lifestyle choices by having the man over to her apartment when the child was there, and bringing the child with her to the man’s house, all the while lying to her spouse / the child’s father about what was going on.

She knows how to use throwaway / alternate emails and prepaid phones to cover her tracks. She also explained to her spouse that there was a website you could access with a fee that would allow you to search for people’s Tinder accounts…effectively telling him she knew how to hide her tracks if she wanted to.

She has not expressed an ounce of remorse, guilt, or regret for any of the aforementioned, and continued to contend that she was the ‘better parent’ for the child, despite consistently putting her own selfish sexual desires above the best interest of her child, her spouse, and her marriage.

She has lied to all of her friends and family about her activities over the years, and as a result, most of them continue to enable her behaviour. At one point, she even convinced / manipulated her own father into calling her spouse to attempt to reassure him that she wasn’t cheating on him with anyone.

This woman is truly a monster and a master manipulator. Stay as far away from her as humanly possible. Do not believe a word that comes out of her mouth; she will lie to your face about the most heinous, damaging, hurtful things, and not bat an eyelash about it. As soon as she determines that you no longer fit her selfish needs, she will be done with you in one way or another, and being planning her next move / next victim. She truly is the destroyer of worlds. Do not invest yourself in her in any way, shape, or form.

Mark A Block Clinton,MN

Mark Block is cheating on his most recent girlfriend S. Paulson of ND. Its either her addiction to pot or desperate nature, to tell me she can live with Mark cheating on her, and she would send him to me to love, since he doesn’t love her. Mark told me he did not cheat on S.Paulson, and who shows up on my doorstep within a few hrs.? ? You got it! Mark Block, and he was all over my body before the door was closed…Mark, did you really think I would believe you werent going to cheat on your newest chew toy? Really? LOL, thats absurd to think I’d believe YOU or the million and 1 lies you tell every single day WITHOUT FAIL! Your job has always been to abuse women, substances, and hhhmmm, the rest of that sentence doesn’t need to be stated ATM…
You cheated on me for 2 years- I knew there was not a chance in h**l you would not cheat on every woman that crossed your path. The notorious Mark Block is not only a raging alcoholic, but S.Paulson has helped him become a marijuana abuser… If Marks talking you can bet your bottom dollar there are 5 lies in every 8 sentences. Yes, I have collected data, texts, and audio video to back up everything I’ve stated here..Mark once said he could get me for slander, I’m like really? Mark was happy to tell the stories of Suzy’s financial problems/bankruptcy, and the court system, and her medical history…how she’s trying to get on disability…Nothing is out of bounds for Mark, he has no problems telling all he wants about whoever has confided in him. Seriously Mark, make my dam day..cause at the end of the day I have proof to back it all up…so MARK BLOCK is still and always going to be a drunk, cheating, abuser of anyone he makes a promise to..he even promised on his Mother’s headstone, that he had not or would never cheat on me…Really? Yes, thats how low he goes! He was trying to resolve matters with me, so I told him to send his brother a message stating he cheated on me…i can just imagine the fabulous story he told to get himself out of that situation with his brother..what he does to people is tragic, and if you havent seen some one fall out of bed before…book a night with him… It’s pitiful to see someone get that drunk day after day…yep, and I have the t-shirt to prove it.
Watch out Minnesota, Mark thinks he’s so much more important than anyone else or their mortal lives, he drives drunk daily. I truly find it hard to believe that he can have many DWI’s and still not have it take… I dont have a clue why he cheats on every woman, but he does, he will and always be a lying cheating, drunk, and now a born again stoned f**k up! Thank you Mark Block, it was such an honor to have been involved with a complete and utter a*s! You somehow think you enrich people’s lives by how truly horrific you treat women. I seriously know you arent going to walk out of this life without serious penance. I blamed myself for your poor choices for a long time, but that’s ridiculous- you don’t care what destruction you left in me, or anyone else…because you are ALL THAT, JUST ASK YOU! No Block, you are not the worst I can do….lol ok, it probably was…am I done yet? Nope, h**l hasn’t froze over yet! Bring it on Block, you had such a good time destroying me. I have s**t that you don’t want me to do or say, but just give it time, and it will all be out there..I can promise you that! I don’t have a problem producing any and all s**t that you have stated, and sadly enacted…so, the next excerpt can be all about your uncle, or other sordid s**t that made you the cruelest, 6, cheating, lying man alive. Honestly, why do people have to lie and cheat through their life…your story is: because you’re just that f*****g important! Yeah, thats what I thought, you don’t care how much you hurt people…you’ve already lost Mark…thats on you! I will never forget the pathetic reason you gave me for why you cheated during your marriage, the woman you cheated with.. just wore you down.. I bet it took all of a nano second for you to be worn down, as you clung to your morals… You have no moral principles! You were preening the last time I saw you, at the sight of what you had done to me. Bravo Mark!
Just a few days ago, Mark had cheated on S.Paulson again, and all I can say he cheated on me, he cheated with me again…I told Mark to tell Suzy there isn’t a leash long enough to keep him in his own yard. S.Paulson is so paranoid, and she really just needs to realize Mark will always cheat, and lie his way through a relationship….she somehow thought after he cheated on her the first time, that it would never happen again! *it will be a cold day in h**l before that happens* Mark Block Will always cheat….now not only is he drunk, but he’s also stoned on top of his drunk mind…LOL He’s a f*****g train wreck!

Victor Alsén – Mentally Sick, Los Angeles

Top 5 Signs Victor Alsén, an USC Clarinetist and Swedish Musician is a SUREFIRE Psychopath or has Mental Disorder!!!
Remember the wisdom words: see how a person treat others, is how he is going to treat you. A liar and cheater in life will always cheat in business and can’t be trusted.

Top 5 Signs Victor Alsén is a Psychopath:

1. This one is a surefire sign of mental disorder; no other explanations. However it has to be kept confidential since the material is too sensitive.

Victor Alsén has a creepy, warped psychology and appetite in game playing/thrill chasing, gaining power/control and winning. Not just for getting something out of it for himself. But sometimes just purely for the sports and entertainment of it. Victor Alsén always mentions he likes things (even small things) hard to get and challenging. He will test boundaries with people to see if he can get away with it – another form of game playing to ease his boring psychopathic life. He said people comment him as:”Why you always have to win.”

Psychopath has an excessive need for novel, thrilling, and exciting stimulation because they have emotional poverty or a limited range or depth of feelings comparing to normal people and they have to create dramas and they need stimulation so as to add excitement to their life or they are prone to boredom.

Victor Alsén plot and play shows which he derived great enjoyment as you will be able to tell from his tone, despite the victim feels quite sick, creepy and uncomfortable for what he has done. He is a great talker to convince and talk the victim out of the doubt that he did it intentionally. But it doesn’t take a genius to figure out how mentally troubled Victor Alsén is. Everyone who has heard the story feels quite outrageous of what Victor Alsén has done, pointed out he must have done it intentionally and he has mental problems.

2. Deceitfulness and PATHOLOGICAL LYING —
The No 2 sign important sign of a psychopath. When someone is deceitful, when he can appear on the outside to be a totally different person of who he really is and make you completely believe he is truly the one he portrayed wearing a sheep’s clothing. A deceitful person IS ABSOLUTELY MENTAL ILL. A jerk will lie and act but you can see him through easily, while a deceitful psychopath will fool you into believing without a doubt every inch of his image.

Victor Alsén say nice things all the time and his saint words are very touchy. He cares about animals, he cares about refugees. Do you know that anyone who is too sweet mouthed has a high tendency to be a hypocrite, back stabber or worst of all – Psychopath?! More than the other way around: being a genuinely kind person.

He also lies all the time: big lies, small lies or lies no need to lie about. He can make you believe he is the first and very person you awaited long who fulfills all your dreams. He lies to your face without blinking an eye that he is not cheating on you and blames you for not trusting him, for your irrational thought while he is on his way to a date. He is constantly lying that very quickly you get lost in the matrix and you won’t even be able to tell what he says is true and what is a lie.

“Pathological lying can be moderate or high; in moderate form, they will be shrewd, crafty, cunning, sly, and clever; in extreme form, they will be deceptive, deceitful, underhanded, unscrupulous, manipulative and dishonest.”

“There are people who lie habitually, with the intent to deceive and manipulate others for their own personal gain, and they do not feel bad about doing it. In fact, they revel in it. These people are pathological liars, and they are psychopaths. After much research, I have concluded that all pathological and compulsive liars have personality disorders, and those disorders can be placed on a psychopathic spectrum. Pathological lying is the opposite of normal. I will repeat that: pathological lying is the opposite of normal! It is irrelevant that researchers have discovered evidence that everyone lies in one way or another. Not only are most lies damaging, psychopathic lies are beyond the scope of what most people can even imagine. When someone lies habitually, that behavior pattern is always connected to other extremely disturbing traits and behaviors. Lying is like breathing for psychopaths. There are times when he is the most charming person on Earth. But he has been lying to you for so long that you don’t know what is true and what is false.”

3. GLIB, SUPERFICIAL CHARM and average or above average intelligence
No one who knows Victor Alsén is going to miss the fact what a smooth talker he is. And the extra strength he will put out to convince you, gain your trust or make you like him. It is very flattering and no one can turn down such charm. This is also the danger of it: he is very likable and will gain your trust, which makes the manipulation and duping come easy for him later.

He can maneuver the conversation instantly to shift to things you want to hear. You will feel so much in common with him because he is mirroring you and your interest like a chameleon.

“The tendency to be smooth, engaging, charming, slick, and verbally facile. A psychopath never gets tongue-tied. He can also be a great listener, to simulate empathy while zeroing in on his targets’ dreams and vulnerabilities, to be able to manipulate them better.”

“Psychopaths are often witty and articulate. They can be amusing and entertaining conversationalists, ready with a quick and clever comeback, and can tell unlikely but convincing stories that cast themselves in a good light. They can be very effective in presenting themselves well and are often very likable and charming.”

Victor Alsén ruthlessly lie to, use, string along, emotionally abuse, harm, cheat and disrespect his victims. He will use and harm his victims till he found the next victims and ready to move on easily for himself. The victims have been emotionally abused for too long and burst out, while he stay calm and claim the victims, who have been destroyed by him intentionally, as crazy or lack of emotional stability.

Despite knowing he has put his victims in wreck for all of his fault, he moved on to enjoy his new life (a brand new cycle that repeats itself) like nothing is going on. As a matter of fact, in the blink of an eye, he went from like you to almost already forget you as a human being, not to mention your suffering which is none of his business.

Victor Alsén’s apologies always sound empty because it is theatrical and he has no real feeling for you. He obviously has a lack of guilt, remorse and shame. He openly invites his friends to sit by him and listen to what his victim accusing his wrong doing and:
a. He has no facial expression; meaning he is not feeling anything bad about his behavior or feeling sorry for his victim’s wellness, situation and suffering.
b. He is not shamed at all in front of his friends (which is truly shocking) when everyone knows it is his fault. He even says: “no one cares (about his wrong doing)”. Therefore he doesn’t have to feel shame about it.
His unusual and abnormal lack of guilt, remorse and shame have been noted till eventually it is found out to be a psychopathy trait, along with many other psychopathic behaviors of his.

“Psychopaths devalue and replace others at the drop of a hat. Although you probably experienced an instant connection of trust and excitement with them, you’ll come to realize they can forge that bond with anyone, after declaring you more special than anyone else he has ever met in their life. Psychopaths have no loyalty, no attachment, and no love. They leave behind a trail of destruction, and they blame their victims for it every time.”

“A lack of feelings or concern for the losses, pain, and suffering of victims; a tendency to be unconcerned, dispassionate, coldhearted and unempathic, usually demonstrated by a disdain for one’s victims. A lack of feelings toward people in general; cold, contemptuous, inconsiderate, and tactless in spite of signs of open gregariousness and superficial warmth. The use of deceit and deception to cheat, con, or defraud others for personal gain. Exploitation and callous ruthlessness is present, as reflected in a lack of concern for the feelings and suffering of one’s victims.”

“A variety of brief, superficial relations, numerous affairs, and an indiscriminate selection of sexual partners; the maintenance of numerous, multiple relationships at the same time.”

Victor Alsén maintains various “short term relationships” at the same time. “Short term” because he gets bored quickly and will move on to the next victim after love bombing and focus his energy intensely on one main target at a time. It is called “relationship” because one night stand would be too unfulfilling and boring for a psychopath: who needs to dupe, play games and manipulate his victims to stimulate and entertain his life. Therefore he likes the challenge of pursuing the victim. The more challenge there is, the more thrilling it will be. See the victim falls for him gradually and probably fall in love with him. Then he will change into a monster and manipulate her, derive great enjoyment from it. He will watch her crash and suffer for him through his manipulative tactics, then he will cheat on her and probably let her found out to put her in even great amount of fear and anxiety, then once she is used up, he will discard her and quickly flaunt his new victim around.

“Psychopaths manufacture toxic, desperate love. And the thing about this sort of idealize/devalue passion is that it’s long-lasting and obsessive. Psychopaths groom others to spend every waking moment thinking about them, and then they tear it all away without a moment’s notice. Because psychopaths are eternally bored and incapable of human bonding, this transition is quite easy for them. But to a normal, healthy individual, it’s devastating.”

“After their abuse, lying, and mind games, they simply expect you to shut up and/or grovel.That’s it. If you display any signs of anger or disbelief, you’re bitter. “Crazy” and “Hysterical” are words of invalidation, minimization, and dismissal. They imply that any reaction you display is over-the-top. This encourages you to stop reacting, and thereby stop standing up for yourself. By making you question your own sanity, the psychopath is able to take the spotlight away from their own abusive behavior.”

“After the breakup, they will openly flaunt their new partner, where most normal people would feel very embarrassed and secretive about entering a new relationship so quickly.”

Ivan Blackwell, Baltimore, Maryland

Ivan is charming, witty, and good-looking. We met at and he asked me to be his lady friend two weeks later. Sure it was quickly, faster than i have ever been in a relationship however the chemistry was once strong and it felt proper. Except it wasnt. The connection was once almost ideal, until about 7 months in. He misplaced his job, moved out of his apartment and went to live with family, and then lost his automobile. I didnt mind any of this and used to be supportive in each way I would be, together with paying to take us out, sending him jobs, praying for him more commonly etc. On the grounds that we have been a Christian couple I prayed by and large about the relationship. He’s very worried in his church as good. In the future whilst he was once dozing I had a unexpected inkling to look by means of his telephone and discovered that it was once one other ladies he was once communicating with on a standard foundation all hours of the day and night. Unwell call her woman N. I didnt feel so much of woman N on the time but I did additionally observe he was talking with other ladies in a method that was incredibly inappropriate for a person who was once in a relationship to be doing. He admitted to his improper doings and apologized. He’s just right at that. Ivan additionally dissmissed girl N as only a good friend from church. As time went on he grew to become a little extra far-off, and that i caught him in a number of more little lies. I concept it was once in view that he was once discouraged about his job loss and living situation. The weekend of my birthday he told me that he was once occurring research commute for a component time job he used to head to. He stated They were going to Nebraska. I do know in my heart this was once a lie. He was once long past a week and barely known as and didnt video chat as soon as. He refused to offer me the name of the motel or send one picture of NEBRASKA. In order you guessed he on no account went to Nebraska. He helped woman N drive to Texas from MD. She was relocating. They stopped in several one of a kind states and stayed in lodges. I to find this expertise once I regarded through his mobile a second time. He deleted the whole thing, pics, name log, texts from Natalie. But he didnt delete texts from his sister and pleasant pal wherein had the whole lot in regards to the shuttle to Texas together with photos! I referred to as woman N myself and she told me her and Ivan had been living collectively for just about three years. Together with in March (after we met) through June. I went to the apartment oftentimes. She left him in June for suspected dishonest with ME! There are also many different females. He apologized and admitted to being out of manipulate. Pay attention he has no remorse!!


Leo Davis, South Pekin, Illinois

Looks like Leo Davis next door but is really a predator, a pathological liar and a serial cheater. Comes off as a little shy and will admit to supposed self-esteem issues but has all the confidence in the world in his sexual prowess and is more than willing to prove it. Preys on women with real self-esteem issues… Weight, recent divorce, etc. Keeps one woman on the hook as his regular but prowls all the dating and s*x sites looking for other women to fill in on the side. Talks the talk about love and fidelity but only because he wants that from his women. He cant/wont give it because he doesn’t have to. There’s always another woman around the corner. Any woman that has the unfortunate luck to run across this man should run in the opposite direction as fast as she can!


Christopher Monaghan

Christopher Paul Monaghan (born 12/9/1987) is a scammer, con artist, catfisher, and pathological liar. He will ruin your finances, social life, and family relationships if you let him. Then, once he can fool you no longer he will leave you high and dry to pick up the pieces.

His #1 tactic for luring women in is lying about having wealth or having an imminent windfall. Do not believe anything he says, especially when it comes to money. He will always have an excuse as to why the money is not there or the check didn’t clear.

His modus operandi is putting up a dating profile online, meeting a woman, conning her into letting him stay with her at her house under false pretenses, then draining her finances and leeching off of her until she puts an end to it. Then the cycle starts anew with another unsuspecting woman.

Don’t take my word for it. Do a simple background check, call any and all phone numbers associated with him. Anyone that knows him will tell you the same.

Here’s a real world example:

From Hot Springs Daily

The finance manager of Orr Cadillac located on Central Avenue stated that on May 22, suspect Christopher Monaghan, 26 of Hot Springs, entered the dealership and purchased a red 2013 Jeep Wranger in the amount of $38,500. He wrote a check for the vehicle and took possession of it that day.
On April 8, the complainant learned that Monaghan’s checking account had an insufficient balance to cover the check. When Monaghan was contacted regarding the balance, he stated he would put the money into his account that day. Detective Wacaster spoke with Monaghan by phone on May 14 and was told Monaghan would immediately make arrangements with Orr Cadillac to make sure they received the funds. As of May 16, Monaghan has not deposited the money and is no longer answering phone calls or returning messages. Monaghan was charged with theft of property and assigned a court date for June 24.

source: http://hotspringsdaily.com/orr-cadillac-reports-man-for-theft-of-property-after-check-bounces-following-vehicle-purchase/