Pamela Edwards, Melbourne, Australia

We were married 12 years. .life was difficult as marriage was..this isn’t or wasn’t the first time he cheated but this was the first one I found out about who it was happening with. Right under my nose. Our daughter was 6 at that time. He often went away for work ..but this time he acted weird. .he would go outside to talk and as I knew he was a cheat, I realized he was at it again. I checked his phone and found all sorts of messages from this woman. She was asking him when he would leave me ..I was devastated. .she demanded he move away with her..not asking but gave him an ultimatum. .disregarding his wife and child. I called her and asked her what she was doing with my husband, she hung up on me. He moved out the next day, I begged him to stay and tell me the truth. He denied anything was going on. Then 3 days later I tried calling her again, this time she had an attitude. Her voice and British accent were annoying. She told me that she was the woman he loved and he was done with me. She told me he was with her. Eventually I saw her and it made me more furious. She stole my husband and life from me, and even had the audacity to insult me for being a lousy wife. That’s why he cheated because I didn’t have what she had. I was stunned. She had no remorse. I hated her and him and I still do. Eventually they moved away together, denying my daughter of her father. Then I followed to the place they were. To be nearer for our child. He filed for a divorce. It destroyed me and I wanted to die. Eventually I looked for info on this woman. .she was from UK in a small place in Rhyl. She was known there too for having an affair with a married man. .but he didn’t leave his wife. She moved to Australia. .she is a pest and an evil woman. Even after all shes caused, she treated me with contempt, as if I owed her. I wish them both misery. I know now it was a blessing. .I am happy in a new relationship with honest and true love. They can have each other.