Nicasio Cortez, Fontana, California

This piece of trash had s*x with my wife while working together. My wife and i had been married for 10 and years and 2 kids when she got the job. One night she attended an after hours get together. We had had a fight earlier that day. She got drunk and was talking about me. He convinced her to talk outside about how i didnt care. Apparently talking meant banging in his truck. Drunk on patrone he stealthed (the act of secretly removing a condom without your partners consent) her. She got pregnant. Im fixed. She denied it for weeks before finally fessing up. Were now separated but she wants to come back home. Im still on the fence about that. I found out later this trash has 7 kids with 5 women. He doesnt care who he hurts. Its all about getting laid. Ladies if you live in southern California look out for him. You’re a piece of meat to him.