Ronald Eugene Summons (goes by Gene Simmons) Leesburg, VA USA

Ronald Eugene Simmons, Gene Simmons, is truly the WORST parasite ever to have walked this earth.

This sack of crap will pretend to be loving, caring, attentive… this textbook Narcissistic Sociopath attempts to portray himself as Single Father of the year. Plays the poor me card when telling the story about his wife leaving him. Claims she abandoned him and the kids, and that’s the furthest thing from true. She just wanted to get away from him. Paints his exwife out to be Satan but in reality she’s super nice. This man has ZERO ability to actually have a deep emotional connection with anyone. So the moment you don’t agree on this, the moment you challenge him on any topic, or heaven forbid call him out for lying… WATCH OUT! He gets angry. At first it’s just words- but as his anger continues it turns into shoving, body checking, grabbing, and let’s just say his fist imprints now grace my vehicle and are cover the refrigerator in his garage! My daughter witnessed the abuse, she’d listen to him to go off on me all night, and she’d sit up scared to death. When she described those fears in therapy along with how she was treated by ex (meaning he treated his kids better)- I knew I couldn’t stay with him. I knew our relationship was over.

Once I ended it he went on a smear campaign making up horrific stories about me to justify our breakup. Exactly what he did with me concerning his exwife. This man physically and emotionally abused me for 2 years and like a spineless coward tried to vilify me. He is a textbook Narcissist.

He works for VMware, his LinkedIn account claims he attended college but HE DIDN’T, and will lie about pretty much anything and everything. If you have children truly BEWARE!

Nik Belcevich West Hollywood, CA

Nik Belcevich is a con artist and a malignant narcissistic sociopath. I wrote an article about him on this site back in July stating that he apologized for all the hurt and pain he caused me. Do you know the very next day he wrote something horrible about me online??? Who apologizes to someone and does something horrible to them the very next day? A psychopath that’s who! This monster is evil and he has no empathy for others. He doesn’t even care about his own family and friends, he will allow them to get hurt, just to save his own ass!!! Narcissistic sociopaths are evil, hateful people who don’t have the ability to love others, that’s why he targets good people like me. Ladies please run for your life if you ever run into this sociopath. He’s done so many horrible things to me and others. He is harassing me to this day, even though he knows I want nothing to do with him. He fools everyone he knows by putting on a front, making his friends think he’s a great guy, but he’s not. I just want to warn everyone about him, don’t want anyone to go through the hell I’ve had to go through. I want the world to know his apology was fake and he really is Satan in human form…