paul stanley Fredrick Derrick

only wants to hit &run.
liar, wont keep a job. plays mental games Gaslighting he is a true narcissists and self medicates. rages and will really hurt you. has child abuse cases also.
smooth talker, but u will regret it and you will be posting next. sad that men are this way.
always in and out of jail and of doc all over
from florida to maine to cali and washington state he has crimimal charges in every county practically.
he comes thru, takes what he can steal also beats elderly people into singing off on life insurance etc.
has impersonating law enforcement. read more about him and see his pic on badboyreport mcfadden and womensavers.

Lee Anthony McHugh, Miami, Fl, FOr Lauderdale ,FL, Palm Beach , FL,Hoboken NJ,New York, New York,Los Angeles, CA, Beverly Hills, CA, Essex, UK, Liverpool, UK,London, UK

This man is an Internet Predator and Narcissist from Liverpoole, England ( go back please!) career car salesman aka Professional Liar, sell Rolls Royces and other fancy cars he neither owns nor can afford and the fact that he is British to lure the easily impressed low class naive African american and Hispanic young girls he has a sexual fetish for, also any other woman he can hook on Facebook and the multiple dating hook up site he is on to get fresh supply/new victims. He is on every dating site from Millionaire Match(ha) to , I love your accent, ashley madison ( while he was married),adult friend finder, tinder, plenty of fish, and he uses different aliases, lies about his name and where he is currently living ( since he moves around alot as most con artists do). Tries to position himself a nice “single dad” looking for a serious realtionship when was in fact a married womanizer( blatantly lied on his profile and said he was divorced and then when he was caught lying said his wife whom he married /conned just to get US Citzenship told him it was okay to lie so he could get laid)anyway after he she had his lovechild he decides to get divorces since he got the green card he wanted. He also has a grown son in the UK from a teen pregnancy that he never even mentioned (since he ran away to the US to avoid being responsible for and another man raised) now his current little boy is being rised by another man a well- what a selfish loser. anyway this man is not looking for any relationship other than cheap s*x and f**k buddies with as many black and latino women as possible. He will use perks form his job selling ego wagons such as free tickets to fancy work parties to lure women_ he will take you to a party he doesnt have to pay for one time to impress you then try and put you in his little harem of Facebook groupies, he also has women fly out to visit him ( on their expense of course) for their birthday or some other lame excuse then offer them to stay at his place so he can get them drunk and f**k them with his small p***s and he will take them to a few c and d list trendy bars and clubs to further impress and seduce them into thinking they have some kind of special realtionship when they are no more that this weeks f**k toy and ego boost . he will keep up a fake text and facebook relationship to string them along forever… if you call him out on his bull s**t and refuse to kiss his a*s or tell the truth about him he becomes abusive, cruel etc, block you,tell his other guppies not to talk to you and , does gaslighting, says your crazy as he is truly emotionally dead and ony interested in serving and feeding his ego. also a s*x addict, alcoholic and takes trip to third world countires liek Columbia, dominican repulic , curacao etc to have s*x with poor black and latin women who have to sell themselves to survive. No wonder he is a carrier spreader of HPV which is not protected by condom from all the african crackwhores and s***s he f***s. This man is a disgusting lying selfish cold f****d up British Pig in a suit- he can threaten all he wants _ i will no longer keep his secrets for him. If he does not want the truth told about him he should not think he can use, abuse and treat black and latin women like cheap pieces of disposible a*s and get away with it. you fuced with thee wrong b***h this time liverpool loser!

Ronald Eugene Summons (goes by Gene Simmons) Leesburg, VA USA

Ronald Eugene Simmons, Gene Simmons, is truly the WORST parasite ever to have walked this earth.

This sack of c**p will pretend to be loving, caring, attentive… this textbook Narcissistic Sociopath attempts to portray himself as Single Father of the year. Plays the poor me card when telling the story about his wife leaving him. Claims she abandoned him and the kids, and that’s the furthest thing from true. She just wanted to get away from him. Paints his exwife out to be Satan but in reality she’s super nice. This man has ZERO ability to actually have a deep emotional connection with anyone. So the moment you don’t agree on this, the moment you challenge him on any topic, or heaven forbid call him out for lying… WATCH OUT! He gets angry. At first it’s just words- but as his anger continues it turns into shoving, body checking, grabbing, and let’s just say his fist imprints now grace my vehicle and are cover the refrigerator in his garage! My daughter witnessed the abuse, she’d listen to him to go off on me all night, and she’d sit up scared to death. When she described those fears in therapy along with how she was treated by ex (meaning he treated his kids better)- I knew I couldn’t stay with him. I knew our relationship was over.

Once I ended it he went on a smear campaign making up horrific stories about me to justify our breakup. Exactly what he did with me concerning his exwife. This man physically and emotionally abused me for 2 years and like a spineless coward tried to vilify me. He is a textbook Narcissist.

He works for VMware, his LinkedIn account claims he attended college but HE DIDN’T, and will lie about pretty much anything and everything. If you have children truly BEWARE!

David Hough (David Errol Hough) Minooka, Illinois, USA

David Errol Hough is a self-professed and diagnosed sociopath. He has a pattern of wreaking destruction upon his victims. He moves from supply source to supply source with no regard for his victims, adults or children. He is even more dangerous because he has family who will bail him out and lie for him around every corner. These family members support and cover-up his tendencies and desertions. Before you even have an idea of what is happening he has already begun the lies and betrayals against you to insure when he does discard you and any children in the relationship all of his financial supply sources will feel sorry for him and give him money to live. Rest assured he has plenty of debt he will hide from you until he needs your money to pay it. He will laugh as he tells you what he has convinced them to believe about you. His financial supply sources need to take responsibility for what they have enabled this 44 year old overgrown child to do to so many women and children. They know him, his games and the sickness he was diagnosed with as a child and they still enable him to perpetrate these destructive acts upon his victims by continuously providing him money and resources for the “love-bombing” and after each discard. In fact, my acquaintance was told that he comes from such a wealthy background that he receives checks as “gifts” or from his trust fund (non-existent) on a regular basis. It was not until she discovered correspondence that came with one of these “gifts” that she found out he was lying about how he acquired the money from one of his suppliers. She never wanted or needed the money. He would spend hundreds of dollars a month on fast food for only himself and toys (literally children’s toys and video games for himself, not the child he was pretending to be a dad to). Then he would cry to these family members that she was spending all of “their” money on herself or child and that he never got anything for himself. Even though she would scrape by to make sure he had money to buy whatever he wanted. My acquaintance was berated and often given the cold shoulder by family members because he had lied so badly about her starting about 2 years into their relationship.

Listen to all of the stories he tells you. And after some phone calls and investigating his past, they are ALL just stories. It is always his exes spending, drinking, gambling, etc that causes the financial problems in the relationship and the need for him to leave. In reality it is ALL him and his narcissism. Lies, lies and more lies with no accountability. He cries to his financial supply sources and then they give him more money to make it all better. Even buy him cars. He uses the money to manipulate his current source or to love-bomb the next victim. He ALWAYS moves quickly in relationships. You will find him living with you in a matter of weeks or months as he tells you he has “never felt like this before” and that you “woke him up inside.” It was not until he left that my acquaintance was able to payoff bills, get her own home and actually spend money on herself and child. Just look at the facts about him, he still cannot support himself. Either living with family, having them pay his bills or quickly moving in with a new source and retreating to video game land. Because of this financial supply from family members and their refusal to admit his sickness the lives of several children have forever been scarred and damaged. They too are at fault for enabling his pathological lying. Why would they never pick up the phone and talk directly to the current source? He is constantly talking to them because he is not capable of real feelings so he has to ask them how he should feel about different aspects of your relationship (like a true sociopath). He also likes to say it takes him a lot of time to process things….because he needs to be told how to feel by the few people he trusts.

He picks his victims carefully and usually always from an online forum such as a dating site, video game, etc. If you have children he will use them. He prefers victims with children. He is very good at getting them to adore him in the beginning which is just the means to the ends of his psychological and emotional control and abuse of them. But soon enough things change. If you disagree with his extreme parenting methods you will get glimpses of the narcissistic rage that lies right beneath the surface. And you will pay. Oh will you pay through emotional abuse and manipulation.

He will convince you that his cheating is just your trust issues in overdrive. Somehow he can sense when his victims have trust issues from past relationships. Social media, hundreds of hidden e-mail accounts, disposable cell phones and jobs that allow him breaks for online s*x hook-ups are his only friends. Just do some simple searches and you will find his profiles on the adult s*x sites. He likes to tell you that it is “just for the pornographic pictures” and that he does not really contact anyone on the sites.

Know the signs and beware of letting him in your life as boyfriend or s*x partner or even as a “friend.” Question everything if he is in your life. Notice how defensive he will get and turn it on you. That and sarcasm are his best defense mechanisms when in trouble. Look at how easily he has moved from state to state and arrives with nothing from his past. He has no good friends or even friends of his own. He only has friends that you provide him. And rest assured that he has begun to manipulate them to believe him over you so when things happen in your relationship he can make sure they think you are crazy. He will work diligently and deceptively to make sure he puts a divide between you and your family. Once you choose him it is game over for you. He knows he has you to control. All of the evidence is there but you have to see past the love-bombing, pathological lying and emotional manipulation. He is cold, sick, and demented. Pretending to regret his past, things he has done to you and promising to change are all part of his constant and consistent pattern. He cannot change. You will not change him. The most important thing to remember if you are reading this as a current supply source is that you will heal when he is out of your life. You are not alone and you are far from his first victim.

I am not passing this on as a victim. I saw the dead in his eyes the first time he stepped into my home. Most sociopaths are described as soulless and I saw this in him even though he preys on spirituality and pretends to be a spiritual creature. I was not a source for him. I was a good friend of one of his supply sources as well as a threat to him. It was recent phone call that she received from a recently discarded source that caused a bonding between the two of them over his many lies that sparked me to write this warning. I witnessed his process of love bombing, manipulation, pathological lying (to and about her), endless emotional abuse and then the discard after securing a new source of supply (and plenty of cheating in between). I am not writing this for her. She came through his discard and has thrived. I am writing this for the children he has hurt and abandoned. The psychological abuse and discard of the children is beyond sick. They are left spinning, reeling and crying. I pray that every child he victimizes has a mother as strong as my friend. Time, counseling and love have guaranteed her child will not come through as a victim. Her child will not repeat the sociopathic destruction of this monster.

Remember that when the discard happens and it WILL happen he choose you as his victim. Remember this post and why you are reading it. It was not your fault. Get help, support and counseling as sociopathic relationships are the most difficult to heal from. And get help for any children involved. He never should have been in their lives.

His latest discard recently posted the message below on and I will respect her wishes going forward:

“Whoever keeps posting about my life with David Hough in Minooka (Illinois) on cheaterreport and FB please stop including me. My life is better without him and without the worry of who he is cheating with next. The woman he has been having an affair with can have him. I have more self-esteem and more respect for my child than to keep a cheater in my life like David Hough. So please stop using my life with him for examples of anything. I get he cheated on you too but I am done with him and have been since the moment I found out he was cheating. My divorce from David Hough will be done soon and it cannot happen fast enough. It would be great if he would quit fighting it (of course he is fighting it, he wants to keep her as a source and p****d she is out of his control). I would appreciate your having respect for me and the situation with David Hough. I do not wish to be involved in these antics period. I hope you too are able to heal and move on. I have sunk low enough to reach out to you on here. And I have said all I am going to say on the subject. Also, please stop emailing from random accounts. Thank you and good luck to you.”

I did not make those posts and I have never posted on that site. Clearly there are plenty of discards and victims looking for this scumbag. And you can find this post on FB as well.

Christopher Alan Nagy. Tempe, AZ USA

This is Chris. An aspiring writer and current manipulative narcissist. He will charm you with compliments and then pretend he never said them. He will go back on his word. A lot. AKA: he is very skilled in gas lighting. He sleeps with many, many women; mostly unprotected. Protect yourself from him in every way.

Ronnie Nat Schwartz San Francisco Ca

Caught my X sending naked pictures of his privates to everyone under the sun! Additionally, he cheated on me for 4 years. Extorted money from me & sent naked pictures of his girlfriend (new) naked to his friends. HHe is currently with his Serbian s**t, is a narcissist and an extortionist! I am thrilled not to be with a fake person.

Marc Neufeld Prince George or Kelowna, BC Canada

Marc Neufeld approached me about marrying him in 2002 and 2003 because he wanted to inherit a trust fund from his mother. His mother has power-of-attorney over his trust fund from his grandmother. He was left 1.5 million US from her. His mother refused to let him have the trust fund at age 18, 21, and 24. He demanded that I marry him and have four to six children, as his mother required him to produce at least four children. She stated that two of them had to be male heirs. She told Marc, “You will not get access to your trust fund until you shape up. Now that you are 24, I expect you to settle down, get married, and you must marry a Jewish woman. You are not serious about the direction of your life. I expect you return to the business, work for me, and take business courses. I expect you to join the military or else, you will never get this trust fund.”

Basically, Marc’s mother baited him with his money in order to force him to meet her standards. She has always maintained strict control over her family. Five out of six of her children work or have worked for Big Lake Ranch and Day Camp as well as Neufeld Contracting. Marc was forced out of the family and banned from Prince George. His old friends and all his family members including his siblings and fathers are not allowed to speak to him, call him, see him or write to him. Only his mother, Deborah Neufeld, stays in contact with him.

When Marc was 21, he told his mother that he was not interested in taking the college courses she demanded, taking care of a ranch, or working for the family businesses. She banished him from the household, cut off his inheritance, and told him to leave the family and city. She has effectively banned him from returning to Prince George, an since 2001, he has lived in Canmore and now Kelowna. He has never seen his father or siblings since.

His mother Debbie removed him from profit-sharing and refused to fund his education for cooking school or English Literature at the college, though she paid for all her other children’s education. She also removed him from the will. His mother has informed him that she will not stand for him marrying a non-Jewish woman and refuses to meet any girlfriend, wife, or fiancee of his who is not Jewish. She demands that he return to his religion, Orthodox Judaism, marry a Jewish woman, have four to six children, produce at least two male heirs, take approved courses at college, live on the ranch, take care of the ranch, and join the military as well as work for the family business before she will allow him to speak to his father or siblings, return to Prince George, or receive his own trust fund. I believe that Marc then hatched up a plan to marry anyone he could find and have kids in order to gain access to his trust fund. He has attempted this scenario with at least two girlfriends. I believe that if he ever succeeds, he will abandon his family and wife as soon as he gets access to his trust fund, clear it out, and leave the country for Tahiti.

He has attempted this scenario with myself as well as his current girlfriend. His mother still supports him with $30,000 to $60,000 in money a year, and has bought him a condo in Kelowna as well as two minivans, one of which is a BMW. He works minimum wage jobs (Sobeys in Canmore, A&W in Canmore, Taco Bell in West Kelowna, Papa John’s Pizza Delivery in Kelowna), and lives by himself. His current girlfriend refuses to move in with him, meet his mother, or marry him. They have been dating seven years. Most women are demanding marriage in these situations by two or three years and she refuses to even consider the matter.

Marc tried to convince me to marry hi after two months of dating in order to please his mother. He was very clear on this matter. He wanted me to produce four to six heirs (what he called his future children and his admitted only motivation for wanting kids), of which two were male, to please his mother. He also insisted that family lineage to receive inheritance and carry on the family name were his main interests. He also knew nothing about raising children or housekeeping. He told me that I would have to convert to Judaism to win his mother over and could not marry him without a conversion to Orthodox Judaism. He was not a practicing Jew himself and is indifferent about religion. I never agreed to these terms, he just carried on about them with the assumption I would follow through. He also told me that I would go to work at his mother’s business and take care of the ranch while he quit work and claimed he would pursue writing in his spare time. He told me that I would have to work until profit-sharing kicked in and the family was finished. He then claimed that if his books were successful, then I could stop working. He told me that we would have to live with his mother on their property on the ranch. All of this was planned without my consent or input, and I was not asked to marry Marc. He told me that we were going to get married according to his plans and that was his intention.

Marc also never showed any sexual or romantic interest in me, which is the normal course of relationships. I do not believe this was his supposed gentlemanly tendencies or chivalry. I do not date sexually or romantically indifferent types, including men so old-fashioned they will not touch a woman after weeks and months. I have had an active s*x life with all of my boyfriends and my ex-husband. He did not even bother to ask me if I had ever been married, or anything else about my past. I believe he decided I was a suitable and willing candidate for his plans. He also talked about leaving to live in Tahiti if he had the chance. Tahiti is a good place to hide money and is affordable with $1.5 million US (about $2 million Canadian in 2002, a lot more now). He also never paid for me at all when we went out and I had to pay for him. He only paid for himself once. I am not a demanding person: there were never any flowers, kisses, poetry, dances, perfume, gifts, notes, or any other signs of romantic or sexual interest. He never kissed me, touched me, or attempted to have s*x. He also never complimented me or flirted with me. I believe he was not attracted to me.

Marc is someone who uses women as a means to an end. He lives off his mother’s money and she is the root cause of the problem. He warned me if I met her, she would probably reject me and be a yelling, harshly critical mess. He still wanted me to meet her and win her over, though I was not Jewish. He probably decided I was tolerable, the right age, and willing. He was not even aware that I had serious doubts I wanted a family at all, and that one of the reasons I married my first husband was because I did not want children very much. He just assumed he could push me to push his plans through. I have been to his apartment 2002 to 2004 and he had four expensive Apple computers, new furniture, tons of expensive cookware from Kitchen-Aid, Cuisinart, and Vitamix, three collector guitars from Rickenbacker, two expensive mountain bikes, new designer clothes, and a $6000 drum set bought brand new in Calgary. The cookware was never used as he cooked in an old black skillet but was on display on two new white shelves put in for him. His mother paid to renovate the apartment and put in new tile floors, windows, bathroom, kitchen, shelves, painted walls, and bed. Marc does not play instruments and viewed them as entertaining collector items, along with his ten $1000 or more Samurai knives custom-designed and imported from Japan. His hobbies are writing, cooking, biking, and collecting swords, not music. He admitted the guitars would sell over $10000 to $30000 each. All of this was provided by his mother who is the only relative who visits him.

Marc is best avoided and if you live in Prince George, Kelowna, Westbank, or Canmore, it is best to stay away from him. He harassed me for two months after I dropped him and refused to take me seriously, mostly because he had spent a lot of time hatching up his plan, which he admitted to in detail.

Daniel Joseph Hedrick, Chicago (Mchenry), IL USA

don’t ever leave your child alone with this man. He’s always “running late”, he does inapropriate things in front of your child. He’s a pedophile. what 50 year old man walks around in a child’s pull up?

David D Jones, San Antonio Tx, Richmond Va, Cleveland and Cincinnati Oh, Colorado, Key West Fl, Woodlands Tx, Los Angles Ca, San Fran Ca, Key West Fl, and several other States

dob 9/18/57-58
brown/gray hair
blue eyes
big-a*s round head he thinks is all brains
believes his own lies

Attorney who hasn’t realized he’s a 60 year old, at least 50lbs overweight, game playing, sick perv. He gets away with batting his blue eyes and flirting, making you feel special. Ladies- it’s all a game he running on you. Don’t be fooled into thinking he gives a c**p about anything but himself. He loves women/girls that are too young for his old a*s, and likely under age–it’s sick and twisted the amount of time he wastes looking at barely legal girls. He is a pathological liar, a narcissist, who has no boundaries OR MORALS. Psychologically he is dangerously controlling, will lie (and does) to everyone including his own family about anything and nothing, and is only concerned with playing the victim/martyr role. He can turn on the waterworks in an instant, turn every issue into your fault, and somehow, his screw-ups are all your fault. You will be blamed for everything that he does wrong, everything he doesn’t want to take responsibility for, every lie he tells. He cheated with me while he was married–I know I know, but I believed his story about how terrible his home life was, he was getting divorced, he was just waiting for the right time (he did get divorced btw then screwed me over when he got back together with the ex, then cheated on her again!) He favors married women since they have more to lose if they are found out, and only preys on the married women he works around and the ones he gets to know while traveling, i.e. airport bars, local eateries, coffee shops, etc. He travels a great deal, therefor Florida, Virginia, Colorado, Texas, Ohio (loves him some Ohio athletic chic). He often goes back for a second round with some of the married women. I guess it makes him feel powerful bedding another mans wife repeatedly, for years. He single handedly destroyed his family, trashed every ex he had by lying about how terrible they were as a person, pretends to have the ability to feel compassion and empathy, and will throw you under a bus to protect himself and who ever he is sleeping with at the time. For a guy who needs to bed other mens wives, he sure is a chicken s*** when it comes to standing up and taking responsibility, telling the truth, doing the right thing by anyone except himself.
As much as I hate to admit it, I feel terrible for his last (3rd or 4th) Ex- she hasn’t a clue how much he screwed around and lied to her every time he left town and often when he was home, in their own house, texting, emailing etc. He likes the excitement of living dangerously. One day, I hope some husband (hear me Mr Richmond VA?) destroys his reputation, his ego, his long term MO of cheating and backstabbing ways, and shows the world just how insecure and harmful this fat, lying sack of cheating c**p, actually is by publicly humiliating and destroying him. He deserves whatever c**p he has coming and then some. I long for the day several of us ladies confront him together and ruin his game playing cruel ways. Let’s see him lie his way out of that. He’s a POS
So yeah- ladies don’t be made a fool of by falling for his b.s and men–HE IS NOT YOUR FRIEND, HE WANTS WHAT YOU HAVE–watch your female partners and DAUGHTERS. For a fat old guy, he loves young and very athletic female bodies and their daughters. This is just the tip of the iceberg people–YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Ian Edward Rogero Houston Texas USA

He is a manipulative narcissist.
He has used multiple women, at least two of which had no choice but to claim bankruptcy after their relationship with him. (His 2nd and 3rd wives)
In his third marriage he married a US navy Sailor only to use her benefits unknown to her. Three months into their marriage he was on craigslist personals trying to find someone to bone. When she was getting out of the navy he told her to go find somewhere else to live. He had all their marital assets but paid for nothing. She had no choice but to return to her family across the states, he refused to sign her summary dissolution paperwork and refuses to file for divorce. While still married to 3rd wife he got another woman pregnant, whom he also tried to get to put stuff under her name. Learning the laws of Texas, that he wouldn’t have to pay child support while he is still married to another woman he reached out to 3rd wive to “try and make things work” to try and avoid child support. He also is wanting nothing to do with mother of child and baby. Has dirtied the names of wives, girlfriends, family members everyone who knows him for what he really is.

Has no respect for animal life: Keeps a dog locked up for majority of the day and trigger happy uses a shock collar. Kept a cat in a cage 24/7 for months with dirty litter causing sickness. Has thrown out 100’s of dollars of exotic fish because it was “too much of a hassle” to transport them from one house to another, on at least two separate occasions. Claims his dog is a service dog and forged paperwork.

Claims to be a decorated special forces veteran. He’s not.

Claims to work with troubled youth, he doesn’t.

Talks s**t about every one of his own family members and then turns around and ask them for help

Claims to have graduate degrees, he doesn’t.

Claims to have only been married twice, background checks prove that is a lie.

Is verbally and emotionally abusive. Doesn’t deserve anything. Should be in (BACK) in prison, where he can’t ruin anyone else’s life.

Tells lies to always appear the victim in every situation, and to make women/people feel alone in their feelings.

Caused 6k in damage to a motorbike of a “friend” and didn’t pay to fix it

Caused 6.2k in damage to a residence leased under 3rd wives name and refused to pay to fix it.

caused 500$ in damage to company leased apartment

Jacob Myers, Akron / Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Jacob Myers is a narcissistic drug addict lifeless loser who gets with people and fabricates entire facades of his past in order to sleep with them. His ultimate objective is to tell them whatever they want to hear, including pretending to believe in G*d, pretending to want marriage, pretending to believe in lifelong monogamy without a certificate, etc. The bottom-line being that you have no consent with this man.

He claims to be the victim of countless charades, and will literally drive you insane to the point that you send him hate mail because he has used you up in every single way, accused you of being Satan himself, and given you drugs to make you paranoid. Secretly, however, he is using “molly” which is usually a street derivative cocktail of ecstasy, heroin, meth, and crack: Though, him and his “cronies”, members of The Burn Unit dance squad, claim that “molly” is “pure and nonaddictive”.

He abuses animals; when I first met him his cat had no food; he wanted to play chess and I kicked his a*s and he basically looked at me with eyes of an arrogant c**t because he was “soooo surprised” he had been outsmarted; the know-it-all atheist has only one thing on his mind: Using you for s*x when he wants to even against your will, making empty promises to emotionally & psychologically f**k you, taking your money, and playing the victim.

He has a loooong history of dating people for yearlong spans at time; whether it’s a man or a woman, he f***s them, uses them, and then claims to be the victim of some sort and self-justifies what is essentially prostitution. His excuses come in the form of usually making a novel of false allegations, claiming he was unloved, abused, used, raped, the person only wanted to change them, it wasn’t a real relationship, he was weaseled into it, he was financially supporting them, the person hated all their friends, unappreciated everything. In reality, he is a psychopath.

I was paying his bills, even without a job. As a shamanic mystic & healer entering the Age of Aquarius I was looking for a husband to build a life with and to share revolutionary ideas in the ways of activism & social reform using high social justice/judgement. He dressed like a hippie & claimed to be one, and that he was “soooo worried that the wouldn’t get married and everyone keeps using him”. He surrounded himself with fake spiritual people included sacred geometry & whatnot, but come to find out it had nothing to do with being a hippie; the political movement of the 70s was about spiritual transformation. However, in this little liar’s world, it meant lying to people, using drugs, sleeping with who he wants to sleep with, and abusing people and getting away with it.

His mother is a real w***e who with the special ed & breaks her contract of confidentiality by making fun of them & talking about them with everyone around her. She was molested as a kid so she grew up into being a man-hating s**t who encourages Jacob & assists him in his manipulations.

After I found us a place to live for cheap and paid his rent, among other bills—struggling to deal with my spiritual shamanic gifts, earn a living as an artist, and work freelance at jobs I didn’t want to do in order to make ends meet in the meanwhile—he did nothing but eat up all the food, leave piles of trash around everywhere, withheld s*x, accuse me of things, gaslight me, ignored the cats, ignored my friends, refused to let me vent about anything, bragged about himself & his friends, called me a “negative worthless piece of s**t”, complained, encouraged me to quit talking to me friends because they were “abusive”, accused me of abusing my friends, took my money (which I later realized he wasn’t just using molly & LSD when dancing, but that he was medicating himself with it), smoke cigarettes, use up all his money, look people up on the Internet for hookups, secretly watched p**n & jerked off by himself in the night, secretly hooked up with people when he left to go to expensive “raves” & parties, accused me of “never doing anything for him and not loving him” because I was spending all my money to pay the bills & buy food with a food-trade-service I had with the friend who owned the house (due to years of working together as artists), and all the time he was just taking my money to buy drugs and guilt trip me for being unable to go to $20, $50, $100 entry fee parties & raves with him.

He abused our animals; when it was his turn to clean the cat boxes or buy food, it simply wouldn’t happen. After he left he claimed I was abusing the animals. His drug dealer friends Racheal Logan & Ryan Dover were selling him LSD & meth like candy; they basically attacked me after he left and empowered him to be a little rotten w***e, then to w***e himself out at the raves for The Burn Unit & threatened me with violence.

He lived me with for a whole year, said he loved me, agreed to a lifelong monogamous relationship which I specifically outlined as my terms before we slept together, and used me the entire time. He claims that his past ex “force moved himself in by manipulating him and his mom”. He claims he was “financially supporting an house of college kids in Kent while working full time & going to school full time, and they were using him and it gave him lactose intolerance and irritable bowel syndrome”; he then used these pity-party excuses to begin manipulating s*x; that is, we could only have it when he wanted to have it. He claimed his “first girlfriend only wanted to change him”, so he left her. His other ex “was jealous of his friend”, so he dumped him after a year of living together; in truth, the friend he claims he was jealous of is a female model in Cleveland who uses drugs and Jacob would brag about having the hots for all the time and wanting to marry her, even though she had a boyfriend, barely talked to him, and he was with me. I presume the f****t did the same thing to his ex, and after severely destroying & abusing him he kicked him to the streets for something new to play with.

His artwork is a ripoff; he stole ideas and language from me constantly, and pretended he came up with it. He knew nothing about Metatron, and then when I told him I wanted to get a Metatron’s Cube tattoo because I believe in Kabbalistic mysticism, he began telling people that this was his idea and he got the idea from the hippies. Mind you, he had never heard of Metatron nor did he know about Metatron’s Cube when I told him about it. But, he still accused me of being a liar and a devil later anyway.

He professed to be an atheist, which basically means that when we first got together when I told him I believe in G*d and he said he believes in Life & the Higher Consciousness that he was lying. He began telling me that I am not allowed to talk about G*d; I am not a Bible Thumper. In fact, I believe in universal spirituality: Hinduism, mysticism, the Native American Holy Spirit/Great Spirit, Judaism, etc. are all branches of the One G*d. Therefore, when he began harassing me and making up lies about G*d and telling me not to use that word anymore, I was literally shocked; it was six months after we lived together. He threatened to leave me all the time to control me to do things; when we moved the first time, he ridiculed me for not “putting everything away”. In other words, it was my job to take everything out of the boxes and set everything up because he worked at Home Depot part time … While I was working as a shamanic healer meditating & writing books, working as a web designer, a web programmer, and struggling to pay bills without a weekly guaranteed check.

I came from an abusive childhood; he used my loneliness & desperation to try to pull a fast one over on me. Being in a relationship with Jacob is like being with a french w***e; he sleeps with whatever he wants, lies about it, will lie to you, exploit your dreams, rape you by deception, abuse your animals, convince you to break ties with damaging situations in your life, take your money, insult you, flirt with everything, and when all is said and done he’ll simply walk out abruptly and move on to get more from somewhere else. When he left he didn’t say a word, it was literally out of nowhere & took place over the course of two days; he treated me like a serial killer, accused me of rape and abuse. He stole a bunch of stuff from me. He blocked me and ignored me like he never knew me—literally out of nowhere, but conveniently right after tax day when he got his tax returns.

Stay the f**k away from this loser and his family if you know what’s best for you; he isn’t a revolutionary, a lover, a hippie, or even a real artist: He’s a drug addict lying s**t who never uses sexual protection, who makes up stories about everything, and is out to take from you. I would never have slept with him if I had known he was lying about everything; he claimed he wasn’t an atheist, that he believed in life (when really he believes in destruction: using you and destroying you, and the relationship then blaming you), a drug addict, and not monogamous. I’m sure his story changes all the time whether it is dating profile he uses online to remind you that you are nothing & he will leave you.

I divulged to him that I think I wanted to get counseling, and I think that I may have a form of Asperger’s. Now, I am still a very emotionally open and loving person; him on the other hand, is not. He has histrionic personality disorder. He cuts himself because he is emotionally dead inside & feels nothing. At one point he told me that “if I didn’t stop having autism he’d leave me”—right before a friend was about to come over, whom he was sexually attracted to and immediately tried to sleep with after he abandoned & raped me dozens of times. When the friend came over he pretended like I wasn’t in the room; I met Jacob through this friend, and he claimed that “there was a special bond between them”. No, the guy didn’t want Jacob, so Jacob thought he’d use me as long as possible to help pay bills and get s*x if he felt like it, dump his emotional insecurities & hate off onto me, and drive me to insanity. He wanted to put me in a fearful bad mood so he could pretend like there was a close bond between them when the guy came over.

One of the worst people ever; and yes, lying to me about everything to sleep with me for an entire year to take money from me … He raped me literally over 50 times by deception. In order to have consent, you pretty much have to get someone to say yes; if the answer is “no”, because you’re an atheistic drug-addict lying s**t, and you pretend to be something different, then the answer is still “no”—and you’ve raped a person by deception in every way. I broke down after 4 months when he called me to abuse me some more, and told me to “quit harassing his friends” who were harassing me me on Facebook; I responded to them and told them how inappropriate their words were, and that Jacob had left me 4 months ago.

In other words, he called me to talk s**t to me and try to make himself feel better; the entire conversation went something along the lines, “I’m awesome. I’m perfect. Drugs are cool. Don’t judge me. You’re abusive. I’m never coming back. Quit talking to my drug dealing friends. You’re stalking me & bothering everyone. Go away. It’s over. I’m living in my car after I left. Boohoo me. I don’t feel sorry for you and no one does. You don’t appreciate your friends. Your friends hate you. When people do nice things for you, you are unworthy and should feel guilty. Go away.”

Everyone in his life betrayed me, including him, and after he used me and lied to get what he could out of me—he wanted to soak in all the sympathy as well, and push me to suicide. In fact, he even told me kill myself. In the end I found out he was just going to hippie cuddle s**t fests and meeting people online.

Stephen Lamar Wilkie C*****g, Georgia USA

Not sure about cheating, but accused me of cheating. Not my style, maybe his. So much to mention. First of all, he hardly works. Like ever. He draws Social Security for his daughter. Rushes women to try and marry him, before they find out about his real life style. Is almost 50 y/o and still lives at home with his mom and dad. Pretty much has his entire life. Even when he was married the one and only time his wife put her trailer on their property. Almost bought a house with this loser, but realized who would be footing all the bills, waiting on him and his child hand and foot, cooking, cleaning, etc. He even once said if he wasn’t working that day, he would run my bath water for me. Wow….I don’t even take baths! LOL
Be expected to listen non-stop about his previous ex-girlfriend. First month of relationship that’s all I heard until I blew up on him. I am sure he gave me same engagement ring as her. After a few months it started flaking off on the band. I wore it to church and his mom or dad said nothing! One hour sitting behind them and not one word. Then 12 hours later I put it on Facebook, the ring and the next day his mom writes…would have been nice to have seen it in person first. WTF??? Then when I responded how I had it on in church his sister jumps down my throat on Facebook. Seriously? Has his nose stuck up his mother’s hind end. What a marriage that would have been….taking up for his mom, not his wife. Ugh.
He has an uncontrollable temper. Said he will work when his daughter’s SS check ends when she is 18! WTH? Uh…how about now. Doesn’t mow his parent’s yard, but lives there rent free. Drives uncontrollable and almost killed me during an argument, also did this with his ex.
Demanded I went to church every single Sunday, cause he had to. Whatever that meant? When I told him NO, he wouldn’t talk to me. I hated going to church and never did before him. Control freak! He sells cars on Craigslist on side for extra money cause he is too lazy to work. Told me I could put cars in my name. I told him no way. Then he demanded money back we agreed to put down on house. Yep…probably his mommy and daddy’s money. Which he invited the whole clan to see the house I was getting in my name, my credit, my job…no thanks to him. Then questioned why we weren’t living closer to our parents! Something called money! I told him what I qualified for…he said we could have a house double the cost, but we couldn’t afford to do anything else. WTH? No clue about finances. He was doing nothing cause he doesn’t work. Then his dad has the audacity to say it doesn’t have much property! 3/4 an acre. I had to bite my tongue. This lazy a*s doesn’t mow their yard, and I know d**n good and well, he wouldn’t that yard either. Said when his parents die that he would get their house! How sick. Then his daughter says when him and I die, she will get the house. WTF? And, guess who she learned that from. Unreal. Selfish, self-centered human being. Does not know what love is. On OKCUPID questions says he wants s*x after 1-2 dates. Looking for someone to support him and his daughter. Well…congrats for having your ad still on there after I was stupid enough to take you back in July. I pity his next victim. All he wants is S*X and for a woman to put a roof over his head and his daughters! Don’t fall prey to this USER and LOSER. You will regret it and will only waste your time and energy on doing whatever he wants, church…his church…car auctions, etc. If you say you can’t spend your whole weekend with you, he will tell you guess you don’t have time to date. Total master manipulator and narcissistic personality disorder! Oh, and he is on OKCupid as never using drugs. Ha…what a joke. Even that is a big fat lie! It still makes me sick to think what an insensitive a*****e he is….out for Number 1 and to use women. Good luck finding another woman….I hope your next victim reads this! Makes me sick to think I put up with his bullshit as long as I did!!!!

Jackie Konnerth and Tony Flors, Cleveland and Parma Ohio areas.

The subhuman people pictured in this photo if you see please be warned to have no contact with either of them as they are very skilled scam artists that go after people to use, bully, steal money from, they also have gotten other people to do their dirty work and have people at will go after others they do not like. They have both abandoned their children and step children from their prior marriages, and have both lied to and cheated on their prior marriages and then have made out in their divorces as there is something seriously wrong in the judicial system in cleveland ohio where people like this can take their exes for everything when they where the ones that lied and cheated throughout their prior marriages. The boy pictured in this photo has attempted to strangle, harm and mame his former step daughter, has abandoned his two blood children and walks around the cleveland area going to AA meetings proclaiming he was abused by his ex wife and that he is a sober, honest human being that was mistreated after he did nothing but abuse and lie to his family for 22 years while having an affair with the w***e pictured in this photo who he is now married too. These people also proclaim to be devout christians and believe that g*d will forgive them for their scams, and lies…I beg of you people of the northeastern Ohio area to watch out for these people you can even do criminal back round checks on both of them as I know for a fact that the dirtbag so called man in this picture has been in jail for multiple drunk driving and almost killing people with his drunk driving, he is not sober like he claims and is also on psych meds and smoking weed. The women if you want to call her one has warnings for stalking and harrassment as she will come into your work and deliver you anger management books as she cusses you out and follows you home in her car and also she slashes tires and puts nails in tires too. These people are very involved in their communities and know alot of powerful people so be warned as once they have you in their sights they can obtain all of your personal info to destroy you and they have gotten away with it up to this point. I am hoping people will stop enabling these two to run the city of Parma and the Cleveland area. They also are big in the gay communities and strip club communities as they also victimize people in a way that gets on a basic level of I want to identify with you and be supportive of causes or people that are lonely or in need of uplifting. These 2 are very good at what they do and will seem to be the nicest people on the planet, they also can appear to be cool or lively or with the times so to speak and that is apart of their game also. So in conclusion be a strong minded person, have a backbone, think for yourself and don’t follow these people, they will talk everything you own or worked hard for and destroy your life and leave you homeless on the streets, they will do it to children also, they have no limits. They are also violent, they are NRA members and open carry but both have a backround of accessed mental illness and drug and alcohol addictions. If you go to AA and see these two I would report them also to central office as this is not a good thing to have around people in recovery who are fragile and easily manipulated and looking for community.

Joe P. aka Jknight, Joseph P. Buffalo, New York

A real-life sociopath. He is a liar, cheater, sub-human, and predator. Triangulates women. Gets joy out of all the drama he creates and tearing down good souls.

He learns your hopes and dreams and your weaknesses (which he uses against you later). He starts out love-bombing you and mimics you and your hopes and dreams. You think you are soul mates and found the one or your perfect match. Then he withdraws affection and degrades you. The narcissistic rage comes out when his mask slips off. You feel something is not right and maybe tricked into believing all his lies which he will never admit to even if you have hard evidence he’s cheating. He uses gas-lighting techniques to confuse you and make you think your’e crazy. Then he starts the cycle over again. You give him another chance and later find yourself in the same boat. Trust your gut instincts. He cannot be trusted.

Beware ladies! Check out this related link:

It’s the same old song and dance and a pattern. He won’t change. Don’t waste your time and let him destroy your soul.

Parrish Michael Tate, Phoenix AZ

Parrish is smooth and believable. He’ll make you think that he’s had such a tough time with relationships and that he’s always the one that finds “crazy” women. Girl, don’t believe him!! It’s his line and he will reel you in with it. If you’re already hooked, just remember what you read here and be careful with your heart. He cares about no one but himself. He brings on his own misery and karma and deserves every last bit of it. Parrish is NOT a good man or human being. He’s deceitful and cares nothing about hurting you. And when he’s done, he’ll toss you out like yesterday’s garbage and never look back. The man has been married and divorced FOUR times AND he abandoned his first two children. What kind of “man” does that? Do you think you’ll be any different?

Don’t be taken in by the pretty packaging. Take another look before you leap. He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You have been warned.

Christy Rassmussen, Staten Island, New York

I’m going to keep this short and to the facts. Christy Rassmussen cheated on her husband with lots of men one married man in particular seems to be her favorite. She has no regard for anyone except herself. I think she is divorced now but future men beware she is a liar and a cheat. Type her name in any search engine and see what else she has been up too.