Please read his website, it states everything you need to know about this lowlife scumbag. The website is a tribute to him.

Ish Khan from Inkster, Michigan USA


He loves blackmailing and threatening to get people’s attention and just to keep them. He will tell u things u want to hear and will make u feel special just for his needs. He will treat u like a hotel, someone to check in and check out to whenever he wants. If u dont give him want he wants, he will blackmail you, threaten you and make u lose everything in your life, including money, job, friends, family, list goes on. It is his way or the high way. He is nothing but a compulsive cheater, he IS married since 2010 and his real age is 30! SO LADIES BE CAREFUL STAY AWAY FROM THIS FREAK SHOW, DO NOT BELIEVE HIS LIES OR HIS SOB STORIES !!!!!

Sana Ismail Khan, Inkster MI, USA, 734 353 8636 – Henry Ford Community College

If you want to cop a head or a root from a married woman, she’s the go to person. She has no morals in life and even married her cousin n fucked him, the first time at the age of 16!!!!!!!!. She’s in her second marriage now, still playing her slutty little games. If you see a red Camry driving around in the canton, Dearborn, Ann Arbor or inkster area suss her out. Never miss this opportunity.