Dave Morin Yukon Ironworker, Canada

Dave goes from 1 relationship to the next … without ending the one before. He moves in INSTANTLY claiming he’s just waiting for his next job. But still acts like he’s single … claiming your place as his own on dating sites. And when confronted, he plays the victim … he didn’t know anything about those sites, it’s his ‘ex’ out to get him. He’s even sworn on the lives of his kids that he’s ‘telling the truth’. He’s thrown his own kids under the bus to save his own skin. When that doesn’t work he throws a fit to try and deflect attention from his lies and put you on the defensive. You become the focus of all his vile hatred, and he’ll say the most offensive things. Dave is very committed to his lies. His lying is pathological and his lies border on ridiculous. There really is something wrong with him. He goes by yukondave1971, ironworkerdave, bushboy1971 or 2017, mountainboy1971 or 2017, and fireweed1971. He claims to be from Whitehorse, Fort McMurray, Edmonton, Vancouver or Victoria. Dave uses multiple accounts and at least a couple of phone numbers.