Monica Plata of GE Digital aborted our unborn child in San Ramon CA California

Monica Plata Severyn of GE Digital (a recruiter) in the San Francisco Bay Area CA (San Ramon, California) is a heartless soul. Monica Plata and I were engaged in a passionate and steamy sexual rendezvous that quickly escalated into a lengthy illicit affair. Monica Plata is married but her hubby is “shooting blanks” so to speak. Despite her husband’s male infertility, it appeared to me that Monica Plata wanted children. That aside, Monica Plata and I were intimate (in the raw!) for 3 to 5 days in any given week. To my surprise, Monica Plata stated that she was expecting! At first Monica Plata was overjoyed and ecstatic; later those feelings changed to suspense. All of a sudden, one day, Monica Plata said that she got an abortion and thereafter she cut-off all ties with me and I never heard from her again despite unsuccessful attempts to reach her. Unless Monica Plata was seeing another man (aside from me), I have no reason to suspect it was 100% my child that she was carrying. Why did Monica Plata do this? Was it because I am an African-American? Is it because I am a convicted felon and a former inmate? Is it because I am not gainfully employed? I don’t understand. I am devastated.