Mitchel Watson. Bronx, New York USA

Number one thing, steer clear of this man! He is a habitual liar and cheater.

There are too many things he’s done to include everything, but here is a summary:

We were dating for two years. Had two women contact him or I in the beginning of the relationship claiming to either be with him or accusing him of lying. He told me they were bitter exes and one lived in another state so I believed him. He cheated on me in the beginning with a woman who claimed he told her he was going to leave me for her. It was about 8 months into our relationship when I found out and was madly in love. I allowed him to convince me that she was lying about most of her claims and I forgave him after a month. He complained about not meeting my children and after swore he loved them and wanted them to call him Dad. My children loved him back and he was great with them. Told me he wanted to have his own children with me and eventually get married. Talked to my children about a baby brother or sister. We lost the child unfortunately. About a year into the relationship he started becoming distant and said it was all because of work (he works in the film industry and sometimes has 12 hour days) and I believed him. He would stand me up, ignore my calls, and complain at everything I wanted to do. He blamed it all on work and begged me to stay with him because it would be worth it in the long run. Two years into the relationship and things had only gotten worse. On the day we were supposed to have my birthday and our anniversary dinner, another women friend requested me on FB and then took it back. I remembered the name and looked her up to find tons of pictures of him and her together, pictures of her in his car (that I drove him around to buy) and pictures of things she labeled his and hers. I confronted both her and him and he denied everything claiming her to be just a friend. It was all lie, of course. Fast forward to now and we had been still talking only for me to find out that he was with her again. She didn’t say anything to me in the beginning, but finally realized he lied to both of us.

To sum it up, he keeps at least one woman on the back-burner at all times because he is incapable of being alone. He is a user and owes me over $300. He cannot stop lying and still denies everything! He seems like an amazing, honest, charming person, but it is all fake. He lures women in to make them fall in love and then destroys them. He has zero conscious and will always seem to have an answer to everything.

My daughters and I are completely heartbroken and they still cry over him and ask when he is coming back. Stay away from him. He is toxic.