Dennis Neal Claytor – Mims, Florida USA

Watch out for this one! Not only is he a cheater, but he is also violent. Dennis Neal Claytor has been arrested for Battery/Domestic Violence, and he was also arrested in the act of buying s*x from an illegal prostitute.

Dennis Neal Claytor is a 53 year old male from Mims, Florida. He was born in April 1964. Claytor is originally from the Roanoke area of Virginia. He may also live in Virginia, from time to time. Dennis Neal Claytor is known as “Neal” to his family and others who know him.

Neal Claytor is a creep and a predator. He is abusive to women and has a s*x addiction. Claytor has been arrested more than once, because of his violence and his strong, sexual appetite. He was arrested last year for Battery/Domestic Violence. Years before that, he was arrested for Lewd Behavior/Prostitution. Neal Claytor is so hard up for raunchy s*x, that he will risk getting arrested, just to buy it illegally. He does not need any alcohol or drugs to spike his violent streak and perversion, for he is that way, naturally. He’s always wanting some.

Dennis Neal Claytor married an underage girl years ago. During the time he was married to her, he stalked and harassed other women. Back before people had Caller-ID on their telephones, Neal always made heavy breather, obscene phone calls to girls that he wanted, but couldn’t have. Neal Claytor was very abusive and controlling over his young wife. This led to a divorce, years later. His children were taken away from him and were raised by the kids’ mother. The mother remarried and then the kids also had a stepfather there for them. The stepfather adopted the children and gave them his last name. That normally does not happen, unless the birth father was neglectful, abusive, or both!

The mugshots/police records (which are found online) give you all the proof you need about this perverted predator. He’s toxic! Avoid this nasty individual! Dennis Neal Claytor is a sick mess and a dirty old man. Stay away from him!