Miles Standish

This is a very serious warning about Miles Standish. He has a long history of physical abuse/domestic violence towards women (his past girlfriends) and this last June his girlfriend of only 2 month was forced off of his balcony while they were fighting where she died from massive trauma to her body.

His girlfriend Kayla found out he was flirting with a mutual acquaintance of theirs and was upset. They had been fighting all day and night about it. He insisted he could do as he pleased and she was threatening to leave him over it. He became very angry. Later, during the wee hours of the morning Kayla was forced off the balcony.

First he said it was an “accident” but that didn’t add up- then he changed his story to “she was suicidal” because she “thought he was going to leave her for this other girl”. Besides the fact that Kayla was NOT suicidal in any way, there was evidence to say that she was murdered such as bloody fingerprints gripping the balcony as she held on for dear life (clearly not a person that wanted to jump to her death), scratch marks on Miles’ arms, the balcony was broken outward as if to try and make her fall as she dangled there helplessly… etc.

Unfortunately for Kayla, he got away with it. Why? Because at that hour of the morning there were no witnesses to say they “saw him do it.” And as the p.d. stated they wouldn’t prosecute if there wasn’t a witness. So, ladies now he knows not only how to beat a woman but also kill her and get away with it.

Her body was covered in bruises so they couldn’t tell what all happened before the fall. Within 24 hours of Kayla’s death he was texting girls trying to hookup at his parents cabin because he was horny. Apparently it really turned him on.