Mike Griswold, Delaware, and his small johnson

I began dating Mike in April 2016. We worked for the same company Sobieski Services and things escalated quickly. I was married at the time but soon after I met Mike we divorced. He said all the things every girl wants to hear and would always call me babe. little did I know he had a girlfriend of 2 years carrie rumer. They eventually broke up and Mike and I could finally be together, until he started sleeping with my boss. I fell in love with this boy (he’s not a man) and he was now cheating on me with a married woman. And not only her, I found out a few weeks later he was still sleeping with carrie to. This boy manipulated me into letting him stay with me when his ex kicked him to the curb. He does nothing but manipulate females. If you know this boy stay away from him he will manipulate you into thinking he’s a good dad and hes not. He doesn’t pay what he should in child support and when I found out I was pregnant he didon’t even care that I lost the baby. all he could say was he never wanted kids. I took care of MacKenzie and loved her like she was my own, I was stalked by his other girlfriends and he manipulated everyone into thinking I was crazy. Any girl out there if u meet Mike Griswold stay away from him. He will destroy your life until you have nothing left.