Micheal Davis, Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Micheal Davis is a SERIAL cheater. He cannot stay faithful to ANY woman, which is a sad overall state and mentality for him to be in because he’s almost 50 years old. His birthday is June 3, 1968. He is the President/CEO of a company called Pinnacle Enterprise Business Solutions. He may also go by the names Michael Davis, Mike Davis or Mike D. His middle name is Lynn. His gmail email is myke3d at gmail… I met him on Plenty of Fish (POF); his username on the site is DarkSkinned. We ultimately became serious and were in a monogamous relationship from 2015 until just recently. I discovered in August 2016 that he had been having inappropriate communications/correspondence with his exes and various other women, and had even gone to secretly meet with one of them (see photo), lying to me about what he was doing in the process. He told me he was having drinks with his boy (see photo). I later came across a picture on Facebook that denoted otherwise. It put him right at the scene of the crime when he had dodged me with pitiful excuses the entire weekend, only to be hanging out with this woman behind my back AFTER he had badmouthed her (see photo-she later emailed me). My initial suspicion began when I saw that he and an ex he had also spoken badly about were messaging via text. He lied and told me it was completely innocent–I later had access to his phone because he had given it to me to manage my music streaming service remotely. I searched the messages myself and found out the two of them had been flirting and were talking about getting back together. He NEVER mentioned he was in a relationship with me; didn’t mention me at all, actually. He says he never had sex with any of these women, and some of them corroborate his story, but he CANNOT be trusted. He is SUPER manipulative, will use you and quite frankly, is a sociopath. He’ll tell you he loves you prematurely to try to manipulate you if any of his actions make him look culpable or guilty. He will also do things like accuse YOU of being unfaithful, and it’s petty deflection because that’s the type of person he is. He has an entitled attitude and will literally take, take, take, giving nothing, or next to nothing, in return. If he doesn’t answer your call or you don’t hear from him for a day or two, be leery. He’s likely spending time with another woman behind your back and will provide some sort of lame, dumbass excuse for it later. He has slept with prostitutes, possibly while in relationships, so if you do have sex with this man, PROTECT YOURSELF. Also, when he lies, his eyes shift and he looks away. It was the final straw for me one night when I went over to his place and saw a car parked in the driveway. I rang the doorbell four times; he finally answered (his pants were unzipped), and he refused to let me in. Several times, he suggested I was cheating when I was doing nothing of the sort. Again, deflection. He’s completely psychotic. RUN, don’t walk, AWAY from this person. Also, if you do decide to have sex with him, thoroughly inspect his complete genitalia first–with your flashlight app, if necessary. He will keep in touch and sleep with other women behind your back, all the while pretending that you’re his one and only. He is a terribly dishonest person. I loaned him money once BEFORE finding out he was cheating on me. When I found out he was unfaithful, I wanted him to pay me back ASAP. He tried to lie and say he never borrowed money my money. I had to file a civil suit against him in small claims court to get it back. A judgment was rendered against him and he appealed, so we settled out of court. This dude is trash and will pretend he’s respectful of women, but he is seriously just a misogynist who conducts himself according to double standards.