Debbie Whittingham, Miami, Florida

Debbie Whittingham contacted my boyfriend through Facebook private message looking to have an affair with him. She even had the nerve to comment on our pics saying how nice it was to see him happy. She continuously proposes to be with him with no strings attached and even offering to pay for whatever they are going to do. Also asking him if I checked his phone because she doesn’t want any drama. Girls be aware of this woman and if you see her name anywhere near your man immediately block her. Shes no good and obviously cannot find her own man.


Jessie Gesen Brown, Miami, Florida – She Has genital herpes, Hpv,

A repeat offender, has cheated on her boyfriends, her husband numerous times, even cheated on her lovers. She Has genital herpes, Hpv, had clamidia, and who knows what else at this point. Master manipulator, the poster board of a sociopath. She is a substance abuser, has an eating disorder, and will use anything to victimize herself. Loves to go to Alanon, AA, or NA meetings to play the role of a recovering addict, or the victim of a addict. In reality, she goes to these meetings to scope out rich vulnerable man. She has a felony conviction, and is in this country illegally. She gets involved with men for money, so beware.