Meaghan Leigh Smith, Bellingham, Washington

This girl, Meaghan Leigh Smith, is a classic home wrecker. My hubby and I have been struggling to fix our relationship for some time. Durring a time we were talking about separtion, several years ago. He, unbeknownst to me, had started a profile on Tinder. Met this girl and a few others on this site. She, however was the only one to have sex with my husbad in my home. I came home from picking our sick son up from the sitter. He was supposed to be picked up many hours earlier. I drive up to our house and there is a car in my spot. As soon as I begin to walk up the steps, a girl comes out and dashes past me, no words, no eye contact and rushes directly to her car. I was told upon entering our home that they were just playing chess and drinking my wine. I later found a used condom. Two years later. My husbad comes home with makeup all over his face. He claims to have no idea what it was. Several months later. My husband was at a friend’s house drinking… I had a bad feeling. And after looking at his phone discover she had hunted him down again, through social media. That night was spent in her arms and bed. And they had been talking sexually for a while by that time. I confronted the husband… He insisted she was just some conquest. I then told her, via facebook messenger to stop calling or texting. She proceeded to tell me what a horrible woman I was. That I was going to turn my son into a psycho and that if I insisted on keeping him against his will, he would kill himself. And that it was fine to have sex with a married man because I was such a controling b#*ch. I am not sure what my husband said to her, but he claims he didn’t talk about me. He was more focused on talking about her and getting into her pants. I won’t ever know the truth, but this girl has absolualy no issues with ruining a marriage, or directly insulting the woman she injured.