MC Didone of Oracle runs a call girl escort service in San Francisco US and Singapore

Nik, MC Didone (which stands of Mary-Celeste Didone) works a mediocre job at Oracle Corporation — but this is just a ruse to deceive authorities particularly the tax man at the IRS. MC Didone is the Heidi Fleiss of Silicon Valley! MC Didone is a madame of a private and exclusive call girl agency that is registered under maid and housekeeping services (LOL!). MC Didone dispatches these escort girls to wealthy (and often married) San Francisco Bay Area executives and venture capitalists for an exuberant fee that is paid in cash only and MC Didone keeps about 80% of the cut. MC Didone also makes frequent trips to Singapore where she maintains several offshore bank accounts. Why and how would a recruiter travel overseas that often?! MC Didone and her clandestine ways need to be exposed for what they are by putting Oracle and her on full blast!!!