Orit David – Tel Aviv Jaffa – Israel

This old granny called Orit David works with my husband in Tel Aviv Israel and knew who I was and that we had a family.
she started sending him pics of herself naked and messages about how she wants to suck his dicks
I found the messages and confronted her. she tried to denied sending this but I have the proof that she is a whore
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Matthew John Smith LTD ,Matthew John Limited, First floor Telecom House 125-135 Preston Road Brighton BN1 6AF UK

I would like to report this mentally sick man called Matthew John Smith from Herne Bay who lives in London in the United Kingdom, who owns Matthew John Smith LTD / Matthew John Smith Limited , First Floor, Telecom House, 125-135 Preston Road, Brighton BN1 6AF , England. It is nothing more than a self employed business name that Matthew Smith uses for working as finance consultant at BNP PARIBAS Investment Partners. He also worked for JP Morgan Chase.
He is a drug addict, alcoholic, thief and lies compulsively. He just doesnt know how to tell the truth! I was with this psycho during 4 years ( worst mistake of my life!).
One day, I found him sucking the dicks of a transgender man , that he met on plentyoffish. That’s how I discovered that he has been cheating for a while with shemales prostitutes and trannies he met online. Matthew John Smith actually goes all the time to the cheap brothels in London.
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Matthew John Smith is on every dating sites (Tinder, POF etc..)and is also looking for sex on facebook under the name of Matthew Smith BNP PARIBAS, instagram smithmatt007

His email adress : smithmatt007@yahoo.co.uk , matt.smith@bnpparibas.com
Matthew John Smith currently works at BNPPARIBAS as OTC derivatives analyst analyst and lives in the area of Clapham/ Brixton

Matt Smith from BNP Paribas London,UK:tiny dick cheater addicted to prostitutes

This PRICK Matt Smith is a cheating scumbag that uses prostitutes and has STDs!
Be aware that Matthew Smith is a pathological LIAR, serial CHEATER, manipulator, sleazy CREEP that has disgutsing STDs.
Matthew Smith works for BNP Paribas Investement partners in London and before that for JP Morgan Chase in London and Bournemouth. He is from Herne Bay but now lives in a disgusting flatshare in Clapham.
I was with this LOSER during 4 years when I found out he cheated on me Asian trannies and prostitutes.
I found out he was on tons of dating sites and meeting up trannies to who he offered money in exchange of sex. He even added all the tranny bitches he cheated with on facebook, claiming they were “friends” when in fact, he was sucking their dicks behind my back!
I though it was weird that he was adding Asian girls/ladyboys all the time, I knew his friends and they re all fat white English slobs, there s no single Asian among them, so something didnt add up in his lies. I decided to contact one of them- a Thai ladyboy called Reem who then told me he met Matt Smith on plentyoffish,and that he claimed to be “single”. With the evidence, I confronted Matthew Smith who had to admit that all the Chinese/Asians on his facebook, he met them online and fucked them behind my back.
Some names? Faith Dablo, Pandora Amp, Chongri Mun, Ellaine Juanico, Carolina Salas, Karen Lam, Aommie Chonticha, Emily Lie, Ana Rose Balaga, Nan Pawanda, Maki Takeuchi, Jaylynn Cali, Jiraporn Sangdet, Ana Teano, Lisa Khamprapai, Angie Legapi, Queensha Luphh, bar prostitute Etha Bastari…and many more.
One day he sent to all his contacts an email where he cc’ed “londonbody2body”, a Chinese brothel in London. Who saves in his contact the details of a brothel?! A loser that regularly uses prostitutes of course!
I just had to google his online alias “smithmatt007” to find the secret social medias and dating profiles he uses for cheating. He even set an instagram account just to contact and solicit sex with Asian prostitutes. How pathetic! You can see his ugly cuntface on every sites (POF,Tinder etc…)
The worst is that he even tries to groom young minors children online to sleep with him!
His life is a complete failure: at nearly 40 years old, he has a shit job, no car and lives in dirty flatshare like a miserable rat!
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To fund his prostitutes addiction, Matthew Smith stole 400 euros while we were in Spain.
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Keep your eyes peeled, once this hit google, he will make tons of profiles under “Matthew Smith BNP Paribas “in order to hide the post in the google results!

name: Matthew John smith
location: Clapham (London) / Herne Bay
aliases: smithmatt007, Matthew Smith BNP Paribas, mjsltd80, Matthew John Smith LTD …many others
email: matt.smith@bnpparibas.com , smithmatt007@yahoo.co.uk