Joshua Menchaca Orlando, Florida

This man has done nothing but lie since I met him on Plenty of Fish. He lied about his name, I’ve been calling him a totally different day. After doing some research I was able to find out that he is married to Jaime Menchaca who resides in the same home with him in Orlando. They are not Seperated or divorcing. Josh is all about getting and receiving dirty pics and videos and will bully you emotionally to get what he wants. I hope this poor mans wife will get word that her husband is being unfaithful and is on dating sites. I’m glad someone recognized him and gave me his real name and I didn’t waste anymore of my time with this lying, cheating scoundrel!

Chris, Mcmillan, Houston, Texas

Chris Mcmillan
Cheats on meetme and skype as well as several other sites. Has multiple girlfriends and cheats all over the world including latvia and korea. He has several profiles and emails that he uses to cheat. ssg mcmillan, soldier, army, usarmy, sgt mcmillan

Joseph A. Ciccone Jr. Utica, NY USA

I am here to warn as many women as I can about this “man” who is a bi-polar sociopath who has cheated on every women he has ever been with. To make matters worse, he wants to have children with them and not be responsible for them either financially or emotionally. When he drinks, he is violent and emotionally abusive. He will call you every name in the book and tell you that your are cheating when the reality is, he is probably cheating on you with several other women. He will also try and keep you away from your friends and family to make sure he alienates you from yourself and those who really love you. He is not capable of love and my wish is that no more women and children will be affected by the wake of terror he causes. I will not expose details of our relationship because I am scared of what he could do to me and my family.

When you are first in a relationship with him, you will think he cares and he is genuine, but his behavior quickly turns into hate. Do not be fooled by this thing and do not have a child with him.

Please see these warning signs when he is cheating:
1) Calls you a cheater
2) Texting all the time and puts a lock on phone
3) Stops coming home at night
4) Can’t keep a job
5) Gets moody and non-responsive
6) Violent sexual tendancies
7) Calls you names and blames others for his shortcomings
8) Asks you to have a baby

He is a pig and I urge you to leave and never look back.

James Arnold Cukr, Tucson, AZ, USA

James Arnold Cukr trolls dating sites and Tucson Meetup Groups for hookups and it turns out he is still married. He has been on POF, okCupid. POF and, both kicked him off when they found out he was lying about being divorced. He follows meetup groups like the Tucson Single Professionals and Social Group and Cards for Humanity Midlife Meetup. He also hooks up with women through Linked in,,, and more. He lies about his mediocre artwork and claims he can help women find jobs. He claims he is divorced and “actively seeking a relationship” on dating sites, all the while lying to his practically live-in girlfriend who then finds out he is still married to a woman he abandoned in France. He lied to me about all of this for 11 months while claiming I was his exclusive girlfriend and he was just waiting for the divorce papers to go through. But no papers were ever filed. He tells his wife he is starting a future for their family in the U.S.

Terr E Rasha Jr, KilleenTX and Highland Park, CA

Terry is one of the worst men around. He was kicked out of the Army, He meets you and acts very sweet and kind. His story is that he’s tired of the single life and wants a relationship and family so he can bring his son to live with him and so he can pursue his dream of being in Law Enforcement. He comes on strong and acts like he can’tive without you.ike you are The One! Showers you with attention and little by little starts controlling you. He is crazy jealous and gets super enraged at the slightest provocation.
What he is is a married man who beats his girlfriends.
And wife. HPV positive,with active warts and infects the woman he sleeps with no remorse, he thinks it’s funny. He has never paid one dime in child support. Or spousal support. He is addicted to s*x, watches rape p**n and tranny p**n. Needs it!! He once even had s*x with half and a 9 inch d***o that suctioned to the tub. He did a**l on himself and said he even hit his G spot.
He will lie till the end and even swear on his kids life! He uses women, is in serious debt, and doesn’t care about any one but himself. He goes as far as takiing you to meet his family.
He is a complete sociopath devoid of any human feelings or guilt. He believes himself above the law
He feels justified in lying to women as a means to an end. Women are ” P***y with no face”
He causes so much damage, he’s 30 years old s d owns nothing but the clothes on his back and tattoos.
Stay away!! Disease infected and woman beater. Father is a convicted s*x offender.
Be careful!

Nick King, Plainfield, Indiana

Said he was going through a divorce but now his wife is pregnant by him. He gave me an std that I had treated. Luckily it was something that is easy to cure. He refuses to wear condoms. He has a small d**k and he sucks at eating p***y. When he eats you out, it feels like he is really trying to eat you. I had to fake very o****m with him. He is too ugly and thinks he is the sexiest thing on the planet. He looks like he has been to prison. He walks hunched over. His jeans are too short, shirts are too small and tight. He made me feel like I was beautiful but he is a copycat. He tells girls the same compliments and same speech. We drank together and when he passed out I looked in his phone. He has naked pictures of different girls and he tells the same girls the same stuff. Some he was texting and had boyfriends. I would never wish him on my worst enemy. He said his wife had miscarriages before and that I would never wish on anyone either. But for a man to say he is happy his child died is horrible. Rumor has it that she is pregnant now. I hope she doesn’t miscarry but I hope she finds someone that could treat her well and can be a dad. He is a loser and a piece of s**t. When he had alot to drink he would eat my p***y and move down some and try and lick my a*s. I shut that down quick. So if you know this loser, his tongue and lips have been everywhere. His d**k is infected with warts and has stds. Not worth it. I have toys bigger than his d**k.