Kali Simon, Las Vegas, Nevada

Kali Simon from Las Vegas, Nevada is the typical story- bored housewife -oh, shes employed, but her part time job as- get this- a WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER – is one of those hires off of craigslist that require minimal and actual experience. As evidenced by her own poor use of Photoshop…Back to the important stuff!: Kali is VERY unhappy in her marriage and wants to spread this misery to others. She apparently enjoys hitting on married men, that may or may not be too stupid to actually take her up on her offers. She has a 5 year old child, and is currently in a marriage of 6 years, but that doesn’t stop her from starting a relationship with a married co-worker. She would buy this co-worker (aka her boss) gifts (most likely from the account she shares with her husband), have sex with him on the bed she shares with her husband, and more frequently, in the back seat of her car, never once using a condom. Sounds like a great catch, huh? For 7 months, her and her boss would meet in a parking lot for sex, prior to starting her shift. She may or may not have been promoted to paid employee from unpaid intern, in exchange for sex. Its a question that’s left in some peoples minds, but nothing to prove without knowing exactly what her motives are. When her affair CLEARLY came to an end, and she was exposed at her job, she continued to text her married boss, begging him to meet up with her, laying a manipulative guilt trip when he refused. The victim here is not the married man in question. Its the spouses.