Dr Mark Doyle, Gold Coast Plastic Surgery

Born 17 October 1956, this disturbed freak married his first wife Debbie in Melbourne and shortly disappeared one day with his new girlfriend to Cairns, asking for divorce with a phone call. Married his second wife Isolde, ran away with the nanny Nicola, when his wife was experiencing legal issues with botched surgeries that he chose not to support, leaving the mother of his 3 children to file with bankruptcy. After borrowing money from his nanny, he started a new relationship with Katrina, the real estate agent that found the house in the Gold Coast, for him and his wife before the second divorce. Also borrowing money from Katrina’s parents to provide for his compulsive buying gadget addiction and at some point during 2009 while Katrina stayed at home watching his children, he escaped to Melbourne with Lee presenting her to his family for his brother (who does not speak to him) 50th Birthday. During the same time in 2010, he pursued relentlessly a very young nurse called Kellie (which he was still trying to get back in November 2017) and at the same time Cynthia, married and working with him with international patients and which he sued unsuccessfuly in Court for 3 years before asking for forgiveness, divorce with her husband in order to renew the relationship by 3 times since 2015 until the end of 2017. From time to time, he will also give false hope to his ex wife Isolde, who probably suffered the worse of all these women. Up until today, the 3 last women and his second ex wife realised he has been playing a sick game with them all together for at least 7 years, at time taking advantage of arguing with one, to go and tell his fake love to another. The guy is sick, has hurt so many people, has destroyed so many families, made so many children cry and practice gaslighting with great expertise and without impunity even with the employes of the practice he runs, having to turn over the staff frequently, in order to keep control of his nasty reputation. He manages every time to isolate the victims he choses carefully by making sure they are all good caring persons and when caught in his lies, refuses to confront them and avoiding all conversations by blocking them, naturally alienating them and then reporting them in a most cowardly fashion to the authorities for harassment and finally depicting them as crazy to his new preys. This needed to be said, for the suffering that this man caused to all these people. All documents and supporting evidence available.