Marc Brown of Microsoft in Seattle Redmond Washington WA

Marc Brown of Microsoft is into fraud and insider trading Redmond Seattle Washingtton WA. Marc Brown who works at Microsoft in Redmond, WA is the epitome of unethical and unprofessional conduct. Marc Brown has been insider trading and has been taking bribes from investment bankers and venture capitalists for a long time now, for pushing through acquisitions that were complete flops. Marc Brown has pocketed much of MSFT shareholder money for his own selfish gains. Marc Brown also routinely uses Microsoft’s overhead accounts for his own personal gain from purchasing laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. to even billing expensive meals, air fare and hotel where he takes his wife and three kids on vacation but written off as “corporate expenses”. Marc Brown has also been providing “consulting services” for a hefty fee to other financial ventures while holding a job at Microsoft — a CLEAR VIOLATION OF MICROSOFT EMPLOYEE NON-COMPETE AGREEMENTS. Furthermore, Marc Brown is incredibly rude, vile and condescending towards anyone who questions his actions. Marc Brown is also quite the racist bigot especially towards Indian-Americans – a group that he has nothing but utter disdain for. This is quite rich of Marc Brown given that Microsoft’s new CEO is Satya Nadella – an Indian-American. Marc Brown, despite being married, is always seen extending flirtatious advances to hordes of white women, and you can see the displeasure in their faces with them being uncomfortable to Marc Brown’s unsolicited advances. He has also had several extramarital affairs female staff and billed dating excursions as corporate expenses. Marc Brown brings disgrace and disrepute to us hard-working honest professionals; Microsoft should do the honorable thing and fire this intemperate bozo Marc Brown ASAP!!!