Robert James Murphy Ocala Florida USA

Robert James Murphy is a lowlife, junkie, sociopath, he manipulates & uses women, he tries to spin false stories that all his exes are bad that they’ve done him wrong but u soon find out it’s him who does the wrong doing, he claims he loves you than lies cheats & even steals from you to support his drug habit, hes stolen money and jewelry from me, he even has hit me several times, he’s been in prison 3 times for fraud, he truly is a con artist! On his last prison sentence I supported him emotionally & financially also while he was in jail, I thought since he was sober for awhile he would change his behavior plus stating he would make up for all the c**p he put me through before getting arrested, but boy was I wrong after he was released he repays me by gaslighting me through silence and triangulation, everytime I would cry & get upset he would ignore me for days at a time claiming he was too busy to call or text, he cheated on me with a rather dirty nasty skanky fat redneck w***e, Which she will one day find out how he truly is cuz at first he’s a real charmer saying you are the best I’m so glad I found you, the others were so awful etc. but after awhile his true colors come on out, he has threatened me with so many things especially exposing my nude pics & video to post them to various p**n sites, and make an ad on Craigslist with my contact info, but the worst is he called my autistic son which he claims that he loved him like his own son he called him retarted but than in same sentence said I hate saying that about him cuz I love him but F**k it, it’s collateral damage! He made me believe he loved my son but I should’ve known better cuz he never has been there for his own kids, his drugs and making money illegally were way more important to him, he’s real demented which stems from his childhood he was beaten as a child from step dads & was molested from his brother, and he lost his virginity to his 1st cousin, his mom is a psychopath so he learned all his dirty deeds from the best! His family is crazy they all have a love/hate relationship towards each other. And everything I’m saying is the truth I have proof of what he’s said and done, I fell for him real hard I had loved him so much, more than I have ever loved any man in my life but that’s what he does he makes sure ur so in love than he traps you and makes you think you will never find anyone that will treat you good ever again so please don’t fall for his evil ways

Scott Simon, San Francisco, California

Scott is a 50-year-old man (1965,) who freely admits to his cheating ending two previous marriages. He promises that he has changed. Scott will never change. If anything, the feelings of the women he manipulates into caring for him mean even less to him the older he gets. He will promise you anything to gain your trust. He doesnt care what he has to say as long as he gets what he wants–someone to validate his attractiveness desirability. You can bet if you ever have a disagreement with him, the first place he will turn to will be the Internet to find another woman to comfort him, while he characterizes you as demanding, unreasonable, or whatever else he has to say to make you look like someone who deserves to have someone she cares about be disloyal and dishonest behind her back. Scott approached me in a Skype chat group for former members of Christian Mingle. He kept saying I was too good to be true, that Im so amazing, that he wanted to explore a lifelong relationship with me. He was a little over the top at times, but he seemed sweet sincere. We had what felt like an intense connection. He called it surreal. It wasnt long before it became apparent that something was off about Scott. Turns out he was (and still is) communicating with an ex-girlfriend named Margaret, who is currently in a relationship with another man. She dumped Scott, and his ego couldnt take that. They text every day and talk about once a week. I tried to end things with him several times, but he wouldnt allow it. He put me through four months of lies, excuses, disappointments and hurt when he could have just let me go find someone who truly wanted me. I didnt leave him, because his brother had died about two weeks after we met. Scott was hurting, and I hurt for him. I truly cared for him. I actually prayed for him every day. I feel like such a fool. I chalked up his behavior to grief, and I tried to give him his space, even though being treated like an obligation was the last thing I needed then. He would yell at me that I shouldnt expect anything from him, because his brother had died, and yet refused to let me go. He made me feel guilty even for being hurt. When I finally ended it, the first thing he did was approach another woman in the chatroom that he had stopped talking to, to pursue me, and tell her he wished he had pursued her instead. He told her that I was too demanding, while simultaneously telling me hes still hopeful for a future with me. Be careful