Mandi’s Social Club Dallas Texas MSC

Mandi Lynn is a psychotic whore who has zero self esteem. She takes guts to the cleaners and moves all over the country – once she lived in three metro areas in less than a year. She started a group and named it “Mandi’s Social Club” and it is to get people to follow her around and idolize her like she is some reality star. People have to boost her self esteem. She changes moods like four times in an hour and will lash out at her followers on a whim. In reality, she is desperate for attention and tries to date all of the guys but none want her. Her ex husband don’t even want her, that’s why he paid her off to make her go away and probably pays the meetup membership fee so that Mandi is distracted from stalking him like she always did.

Mandi don’t know that all of her followers-every last one of them- just join and go to meetings to make fun of Mandi. She makes a fool out of herself every where she goes and even some venues make fun of her. She overcooked in the tanning bed, overdoes it on drinking, and overdoes the shitty looking blonde hair dye. Yet she tells everyone that she is a nurse! How can she take care of others when she can’t even take care of herself? The truth is that she don’t have a nursing license- she’s barred from having one due to her co-morbid mental illnesses of paranoid schizophrenia and histrionic personality disorder that she occasionally takes medicine (heroine and crack cocaine) for. She was licensed as a nurse in Arkansas, to clean up poop and perform bed pans. Maybe that’s why her skin looks like shit! Does anyone really believe that someone with Mandi’s low IQ and rotten grammar could pass a nursing test? No way!

Mandi, get you some Obamacare and get mental help! You are the laughingstock of DFW Meetup and have been for two years! No one likes you and the bleach obviously burned through your hair to your scalp to make you a bit slow; otherwise, you’d see everyone making fun of you out of the corner of your eyes at your little events. It’s laughable that you actually believe these people like you. Get help, outside of the tanning bed!