Madison Villela. Las Vegas NV

I should have done my homework. after dealing with her crazy cheating ass is when i see this here.
gave a up drinking so she can get high. fun and wild one minute then crazy as hell the next talking about if i leave her shell hurt herself.
i saw marks from where she did before. she cute as hell but crazy my dudes. dont go there.

madison /madi villela Las vegas NV

I see this isn’t her first time here. This female is loose as hell. Hooked up a few times and thought it was getting serious until I found her with another dude
Now I have herpes and she won’t take my call. Wanted to cuss her out for giving it to me
This is a warning my dudes this birch is nasty.

Madison Villela Las Vegas, Nevada

This is Madison Villela. She cant decide who she wants to be with. Bounces back and forth between her exs. She loves any and all cock! Cheats all the time! Takes sexy photos of herself to send to her lovers. This WHORE is a home wrecker! She has affair after affair then hides behind her religious beliefs when called out on her bullshit! Madison Villela is a meth addict and sociopath, who will do anything for money and drugs. Watch out for her! Fun ride if you can get it!!!