Adam W. Gaffney

After a 12 year partnership and almost 7 years of marriage, Dr. Adam Gaffney walked out on our marriage one fine day without any warning or attempt at reconciliation. He signed for a condo in Cambridge with me 9 months prior and asked me to match for my pediatric critical fellowship in Boston so we could continue to be together. 5 days before he abandoned me I threw him a birthday party where all of his friends were invited out for dinner and drinks. 1 short month before that we went on vacation to Puerto Rico. We where intimate until the end. The timing of his departure was while I was in the midst of my cardiothorcic ICU rotation, working long hours caring for sick children in Boston. I was lied to and betrayed by this man. I was thankfully negative for STDs when I got myself tested unsure if I had been cheated on.

A doctor and politically active in the name of human advocacy but a liar in his personal life.