Kristy Kristen Phenaadra Werning, Oklahoma City, OK, USA

So apparently this ex, after we split up decided to go to all the Bad Boy report places and try to smear me because she’s super vindictive. Obviously, she decided to skew things to make it seem as if she was the victim, as they always do, so I decided to return the favor. We met on OKCupid, and she lived in Oklahoma and I was in Dallas, TX. She would come down on weekends to stay with me. Eventually, she was getting booted out of the place she was living so I offered for her to stay with me as long as she helped with rent and bills (at that point we had dated for a couple of months). When I came to help her move her stuff, her house smelled awful because she let her animals do whatever they wanted wherever they wanted. She was bringing her cat with her as well, which I was ok with since I love animals anyway. Once she got moved in, the drama really started. She suddenly couldn’t pay for anything, she was always picking fights, telling me about the personality disorder she had at that point and whatnot. I was getting extreme upset and not at all happy. Of course, she blamed me for being the crazy one because I didn’t “understand her.” I tried my best to work things out, but there was no give and take, just take from her. We split up and I said she could stay for a bit until she found a new place. She couldn’t afford her part of the rent so I agreed to cover it as long as she did some chores (like dishes and stuff). She agreed and then she wouldn’t even do that. The sink would be full of dishes and she wouldn’t do any of them. She was slowly turning my house into the filth pit she lived in. I felt trapped because I didn’t want to kick her out on the street, but I wasn’t going to live like that. THEN, she starts dating another guy and bringing him over. It’s funny because she talks about how I started dating someone else after we split, but that was well after SHE started bringing someone over and at first, I at least had the courtesy of not bringing the new person I was dating into the house with my ex. She, of course, leaves all that out. She likes to call all her exes “psychopaths,” and yet, she was the one who went to a ton of these sites, posted a bunch of stuff, had some of her friends troll my Facebook page like its high school and basically try to be as vindictive as possible. I didn’t even know about this until a recent ex who thinks she’s “Sherlock Holmes” would rather Google someone and take their opinion of that person from what exes are saying on the internet rather than get to know the person. Which is why she became an ex quickly (and why she can’t keep a relationship, unless its with someone abusive because she seems to LOVE drama), but that’s a story for another day.