Tom Townsend-Smith ,London, United Kingdom England

Meet London UK finest here (of course sarcastic).
The boyfriend of Tom Townsend-Smith he met in Bournemouth,called Matthew Smith who works at BNP PARIBAS/ JP MORGAN was always a pathological liar, cheater , creep, prostitutes addict, tranny chaser , pedophile, faggot in the closet.
He lies constantly and is sneaky.
He manipulates everyone and is good at pretending to be “nice”but when the mask falls you get to know he’s piece of shit !
He talks bad of everyone and is racist, but only behind their backs because he is a two-faced gutless pussy coward.
He cheated on all his exes, which can confirm anyone who dated this nasty weasel (ask the chubby Carolina Taylor who was his ex before me, or others )
He was cheating with shemales and prostitutes and is so stupid he caught himself as he added on facebook the sluts/trannies he cheated with.
I knew his friends and they re all fat white, yet ke kept adding lots of Asians so I knew something was up. I contacted a thai ladyboy who told me they met on POF where he was pretending to be single. So I confronted Matthew Smith of BNP Paribas the piece of shit and he had to admit and all was clear. 95% of his facebook friends dont even know him because they re just prostitutes looking for clients on internet.
He is looking for sex on prostitutes sites,dating sites,facebook,instagram etc…he contacts all the trannies and prostitutes for sex in exchange of money and even messages young underage teenagers for sex. SICK PEDOPHILE
He goes all the time to brothels in chinatown, i found he saved in his contacts email adresses of brothels.
He likes to show his small little dick,and is very ugly.
Women only date him because they pity him, he pestered and begged me non stop to go out with him. Because of my kindness I eventually gave in to his relentless pursuit but I regret; what a true scumbag!
Sure he found it was easy to lie and cheat on dating sites/social medias and book prostitutes online, but with internet,he is exposed for the lying scumbag he is! lol