Lee Edward or Malik Davis TX, LA, WI, SC, etc

This man is ridiculous! He’s DANGEROUS and any woman that crosses his path becomes a victim of a very sick and twisted game. His DOB is 11-12-74. His most recent phone number is 843-597-7552. email: lmalik13@yahoo.com.

He dates multiple women at the same time in different states. Never uses condoms and he uses different phone apps to cheat. He is on multiple dating sites: blackpeoplemeet as: funlmalik13 and POF as: llmalik13. He drives a white Silverado truck with Texas license plate; his most recent permanent address. He also works and travels to Minnesota. He has women in TX, LA, WI, MN and God knows where else. PLEASE DO NOT let his charm and good looks pull you in. RUN! If you google his name you’ll find comments all over from various women who have found out about his deceit.

Malik Davis or Lee Edward Davis

This man is VERY DANGEROUS. Beware! He travels all over the US and dates multiple women at the same time in order to have a place to stay. He drives a white Silverado that sometimes has rims. Also, can be seen driving a Tahoe 2016 or a white buick. He has ties in Florida, was raised in SC, most recently lived long term in TX and goes between there and the state of MN. Also, has ties in other states.
He has multiple children by different women but only claims two. Has a current child support order for his two year old that he is avoiding.
He makes up stories about being a victim of various things. DO NOT TRUST HIM!!!
He also uses dating profiles: POF: llmalik13 and blackpeoplemeet: coolcoolmalik
email: lmalik13@yahoo.com