Jack Gordon Lutnick, Hyattsville, MD USA

I flew out to meet the man i thought was going to be my future husband from California, only to find out he has a wife, and two fiances. When I confronted him, he said he wasn’t looking for anything serious. Do not trust him. He is a spoiled trust fund case who thinks he can buy love and forgiveness. I have no idea why the women who thinks she is marrying him has stuck around, she’s a laughing stock considering he has paid other women over 25k to leave him alone since they “fell in love”. There is a reason he won’t permit her to have any social media, and she has taken away his Facebook account. He even brags about stealing from his employer, Whole Foods Market, while sending photos of his penis from the bathroom on company time at the Seafood Facility he is the manager of. Avoid at all costs. All the tattoos and flashy clothes can’t hide a sadistic narcissistic prick who can’t keep his tiny little genital wart covered penis to himself! He is from Louisville Kentucky, but has girlfriends in both Philadelphia, Delaware and Bordertown New Jersey. Please avoid at all costs.