Liliy Ross, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

So I got to know a guy from JB and soon we got very attracted towards each other very quickly… Soon after, I found a message in his phone from this girl named Liliy Ross. I asked him who she was and asked if she was his girlfriend. I was told she wasn’t his girlfriend. Everything was fine for awhile until I couldn’t contact him for an entire day. I came to the decision of asking all his friends if they knew where he was. No one did. To my horror, I found myself wanting to msg Liliy and ask. I did and she replied. Eventually I managed to get him. I knew Liliy was in his life but I thought it was a side chick kinda thing as per what he told me. As the days past, I found out that she was actually living in his second house with her son. I couldn’t make sense out of it. Then soon, I couldn’t take it anymore and she knew who I was… but instead of taking a step back. She took steps forward. She isn’t working and is fully dependant on him for herself and her kid. She blocked and deleted my number from his phone, and has made it a point to always find ways to have him with her everyday. I know he is stupid to allow her to do that as well. She sleeps around outside and yet doesn’t wanna let him go for his money. She allows him to do the same and still wants to have him around… I tried to make him realise this but he is too blinded… I hope this will help him open his eyes.