Luis Valdez Muscatine Iowa

He’s a lying deadbeat POS. Illegal immigrant that can’t get a job and has no life. He gets obsessed with women, stalks them, harasses them and tries to make their life hell. Loves to throw money (that he gets from drug dealing) at women thinking that will make them stay with his dumba$$

Lina Sophia Wall

Beware. This lying little hypocritical cheater likes to run her mouth non-stop about other people.

Lina Sophia Wall is a 49 year old narcissistic sociopath! She manipulates others into trusting her, then she betrays them. She is a chronic gossip and a backstabber! Lina is also a hedonist, which is common for sociopaths and psychopaths. She also lacks empathy and remorse, just like a sociopath. Lina puts on a good act, but in all honesty, she does not care about you! She is only out for herself!

Lina claims to be allergic to latex condoms. So this dirty nympho has been going bareback; in the raw, for many years, with many men! Lina has had 35+ years experience, starting out by getting her nasty on with her sister’s baby-daddy and her mother’s boyfriend. Her own mother hates her and had kicked her out, years ago, because she caught Lina fooling around with other women’s men. Lina had to sleep in a tent in somebody’s back yard, because she was no longer welcome in the family home. Years later, Lina slept her way up to the top in her jobs and had cheated on all of her boyfriends and husbands. This dirty slag lives in North Carolina. She is nothing but diseased trash! Steer clear of this lying, manipulative, cheater!

paul stanley Fredrick Derrick

only wants to hit &run.
liar, wont keep a job. plays mental games Gaslighting he is a true narcissists and self medicates. rages and will really hurt you. has child abuse cases also.
smooth talker, but u will regret it and you will be posting next. sad that men are this way.
always in and out of jail and of doc all over
from florida to maine to cali and washington state he has crimimal charges in every county practically.
he comes thru, takes what he can steal also beats elderly people into singing off on life insurance etc.
has impersonating law enforcement. read more about him and see his pic on badboyreport mcfadden and womensavers.

Ifeanyi Oyoke -Orlando, Florida

So, I met Ifeanyi, 35 year old Nigerian, on a dating website and on face value, he is attractive, educated and seemed to be looking for a serious relationship. Initially, I thought he was a nice guy with serious intentions. Therefore, we went on a few dates. Pretty soon after, he stated he had to leave the state due to a “work project” and head to Florida. In the time he went away, we maintained communication via texting and facetime. He then invited me to see him and I obliged because I thought he was looking for a serious relationship. (Dumb on my part, I can admit.) He mentioned marriage and kids in his future multiple times. Also, when he courted me he was a gentleman. And mentioned how he isn’t into playing games and “I try to treat people the way I want to be treated.”

Prior to me going to Florida, I expected that intimacy was going to occur and told him to bring condoms, as we knew each other for nearly 2 months at that point. But on the first encounter, while he had condoms he did not use them. I even asked him if he had it, and he said, “I have the condom in my hand.” I thought he was in the process of putting it on but he didn’t. Of course, this freaked me out because I didn’t want to risk pregnancy or STD’s.

However, he lost his erection soon so I felt that the likelihood of pregnancy or STD was low. On the second sexual encounter, he did not use a condom again. It was early in the morning and I was not completely alert, and he pretty much started having sex with me, with no foreplay. I guess this was another red flag. Again, he had condoms on him. When I asked him questions about his sexual history prior, he mentioned he didn’t have unprotected sex unless he has been in a relationship for 6 months. Yet he knows me for 2 months and had unprotected sex with me twice, despite me requesting condom usage. I recently did testing for STD’S and currently awaiting results. I even informed him that I am concerned I might get pregnant and would get Plan B, and he was non-chalant and said, “If you get pregnant, fuck it.” I inquired on the context and he exemplified that he meant abortion. Another red flag, for someone to claim to be religious, wouldn’t that go against his morals? And him being non-chalant was troubling. He did affirm he didn’t “come” in me though.

Nonetheless, in the few days I spent with him in Florida, we seemed to vibe together. He actually implied twice that I move in with him. Stating how it would be fun if we lived together and how if I lived with him in the area, he wouldn’t be bored. Even before I visited him in Florida, he asked us to be exclusive by the 3rd date which I felt was too soon. Especially since I was dating other guys. Later on, when I asked him to clarify his position on “exclusivity” he basically admitted he only said that so I can see him in Florida and wanted to wait more before being exclusive. This was a red flag that he is clearly manipulative. In fact, when I first asked about being exclusive, he replied, “Why you ask, is it so you can bang other guys before I come back?” I was immediately offended and he said he was joking and apologized. He even mentioned when he was leaving airport, other women referred to him as “baby.” A tactic to try to make me jealous or game playing.

On my last night in Florida with him, he invited me to come to Nigeria with him to see his family. He was supposed to visit them the next week. I declined stating I had work to attend. Which was partly true, but also I felt it’s way too soon to be taking an international trip together. He replied, “Is that your excuse?” Anyway, he dropped me off the airport stating he misses me. But I noticed after I came back home, while he responded to my communications, he wasn’t as engaged. We were, or so I thought, suppose to see each other, as he was apparently coming in the area before heading to Nigeria. But I had work so I said how about the next day and he said he doesn’t think so because he has to leave to Nigeria same day. I texted him, “I wanna see you lol.” He never responded, only clicked thumbs up on the comment. That was the last I heard of him. When I checked his social media, I didn’t see anything about Nigeria. Mind you, he posted pics of his last trip in Nigeria. And he actually updated his location to Orlando, Florida, so clearly he ghosted me. In fact, I found out he created an updated profile on the dating site where we met. He states how he is new to the area and how Kevin heart is coming to the area soon. Funny enough, when we were 1st dating, his dating profile said he is new to the Boston area. Him mentioning Kevin Heart coming into town soon indicates to me he didn’t even leave to Nigeria, but used it as a ruse to ghost me. If you are leaving to Nigeria, why mention a show you won’t be able to attend? I am sharing my story because women should be aware of him, it seems he moves around state to state (he is in the Army), creating dating profiles seeking a “serious relationship”, with no intentions of trying to be in a serious relationship. He originally came from Chicago, to Boston and now resides in Orlando within a short time span. Also, he stated his move to Florida is temporary for a project but later on, he conveniently tells me he has a job offer to move there. Looking back at it now, this was clearly a lie so I could get involved with him. If I knew he was moving to Florida, I would have never entertained him. He “love bombs” to expedite the relationship process to get what he wants. Also, the unwillingness to not use condoms for someone he is newly dating is troubling.

Jamie “BamBam” Jefferies Kitchener Ontario Canada

Don’t let his looks and smooth talk fool you. This charming “model” from Kitchener Ontario is actually a lying, cheating, abusive, thief in disguise. This sociopath lies and cheats and steals from all the women he’s with (and even takes advantage of their 81 year old grandmothers) but claims it’s never his fault! He only does it because previous women have “made him do it” and he thinks he might have “some sort of sexual addiction or problem… might talk to someone about it eventually”. I’m pretty sure the only sexual problem he has is an STD. He uses you for any personal gain that he can get his grubby hands on, and once you’re no longer of any use to you, he will drop you like a sack of potatoes! Blocking your number, etc. Even if he has gotten you pregnant, he’ll be on to the next before you can say “It’s a boy”

Diego Rea, Tustin California

Deadbeat “parent” aka sperm donor. He has to be garnished to pay for us. We are older teens, who literally have to go to his front door to obtain funds for medication, etc. He avoids, and then pretends to be a victim as if he has done enough for us. He is still upset our mother divorced him, as he suddenly had a substance abuse issue and she was not going to subject us to his problem. He lies. Avoids. And he is fully capable as a plumber to provide for us. We feel the need to discuss this publicly because he is intent on making our lives hard, and has been doing this for years. He never calls to find out if we need anything and pretty much gives us the bare minimum. Probably forced to give us the basics.

For any parent out there that feels it is ok to cheat your kids because you are pissed after years. Just know you are not hurting your ex you are hurting your kids and building a wall between yourself and your children. One day, you will be sorry and feel as though you might have made a better choice. Diego Rea, you have failed us.

Nicolas Nunez AKA Nicholas Nunez, Nick Nunez, Nicolas R Nunez, Nicolas Munez

I really didn’t want to go this route but it looks like I have to since Riverside and San Bernardino counties justice system is corrupt. This man pursued me everyday at work and he was my boss. I found myself in a very vulnerable state and excepted his help. He was offering to take me to lunch and dinner every night, as well as renting a hotel room and trying to convince me to come over. He had told me that he was not married but was living with his long time girlfriend, and he was leaving her. Come to find out he was married!! Long story short he continued trying to convince me that he didn’t want to work things out with his wife and would have me come over every night, just to find out he was emailing her begging to take him back and he swore he didn’t see or talk to me. He started abusing me and putting knifes to my throat and telling me that he had no problem killing me and rotting his life in jail..when I tried to leave he threatened to kill me, my mom and daughter. He then started recording our fights, but only after he had hurt me or pushed me past my breaking point, then he would record, making me look like a crazy lady. I started finding female jewelry and clothes that he swore we’re his nieces, but one day he had his aunt had passed and so me and my daughter went to see him only to walk up on him and another female sitting very close, drinking beer on his balcony. The female admitted to being with him. He begged for me to forgive and that he loved me and my daughter. So I gave him a chance just to find a video he had emailed to me one week earlier of him fucking some chick he found on Craigslist, in our bed, and this is before the chick on the balcony. Then my daughter said he had been touching her, we called the police and to this day they still have not attempted to find or talk to him. I went to his place so angry and needless to say he beat the holy crap out of me, bloody and bruised the cops arrest both of us and put us together in the same car. He was charged with spousal abuse but because I threw an iron over his head (never even touched him) I got assault with a deadly weapon. Crazy part is in court the DA said he never saw our case, but when I called the DA’s office they said there wasn’t enough evidence. So now in order to assure that he doesn’t gets away with all the awful things he has done I have degraded myself to continue seeing him. I believe he might be with someone and is cheating on whoever it is because he will get a hotel room once maybe twice a week for us to sleep together but it is never the same room twice and when he is at home he will not answer or return my calls until the following day at work. We have been doing this for the last 6 months and yet I still can’t find anyone to help me in regards to not letting him get away with his heinous crimes, as well as him denying that he is with anyone or sleeping with anyone other than me. .. I hope he doesn’t hurt anyone else the way he did me and my daughter. OH HE ALSO HAS STD’S

Michael Noah Levine, West Hollywood, CA USA

Michael Noah Levine lives in Los Angeles and is certifiably insane. This man is all over the gay hook up apps and sends desperate messages to others in the middle of the night. He cannot hold a job due to his drug and alcohol abuse and claims he is clean but his behavior suggests otherwise. Myself and so many have tried to help him but this guy has absolutely lost it. He will hook up with any guy desperate enough to give him attention and it is fucking gross. He does not know how to be monogamous and tell the truth about things.

Others in West Hollywood need to know he will use you for your money as he is dirt broke (his family has money but he does not) and try to impress you with name dropping but be warned you may catch an STD. Everyone in town has been with him so this should be obvious but I pity the fool who gets roped into him.

Also you will suffer emotional and possibly physical assault with him. He is extremely abusive but pretends to be kind and innocent and it is all facade. I caution everyone.

I have texts I can add showing just how erratic, scary and unfaithful he is. Truly appalling human being!!!!

Eyal Tamir; UMass, Amherst; also Tel Aviv, Israel

I met Eyal through a backstabbing friend and her husband. We connected immediately, and were intimate quickly. I didn’t know if it would be a fling or more, but he said he wanted me to visit him where he lived and worked at Emory University at the time, in Atlanta. We stayed in contact daily, and he knew I was relationship minded. This continued for awhile. After my backstabbing friend told me he was using me to get info about me to pass to her husband (his best friend), I told him that if he didn’t see this going anywhere then he needed to tell me. He said, “Okay, let’s just do that.”

He kept reaching out, and I told him that I did not want to be “just friends.” He assured me that he was NOT using me. I tried to end the contact but he insisted we continue talking because he still thought we had a great connection. Mixed messages for sure, but he was clearly acting like he was still interested. Him and the backstabbing friend and her husband (threesome) would later use my continuation of intimate talk with him as accusing me of “using my sexual power and still getting rejected.” We kept talking, and I told him at one point that if he didn’t plan to see me again, he needed to tell me. He assured me that he did. A month later he informed me that what we had was nothing and just sex messages. I was utterly blindsided. He did this via TEXT, after the whole thing of assuring me that he was not using me. He defending himself (via text) that since he never offered me an exclusive relationship, I was the one who was clearly confused, and he was in the free and clear. This was our first round of a few months, which ended abruptly with a cold discard via text.

The threesome did some of the backstabbing to my face, but mostly behind my back. The whole thing was a head fuck. Eyal did initially say he was friend-zoning me, but he also refused to break contact when I said that I did not want to be friends.

Eyal Tamir is a master at keeping things as evasive, confusing, and contradictory as possible.

Eyal is 42 years old and has never had a relationship. He is addicted to pornography, and obsessed in a delusional relationship with his favorite porn star, “Stoya.” Between Stoya and his attachment to his mother’s apron strings (who still supports him financially), he has no capacity for a relationship and has no kids- and likely never will. He uses facebook to whine to his friends, who are almost all female, that, “girls don’t like me,” “why do I even try.” He does this to elicit non-stop sympathy.

He used my birthday, which he had promised to remember, to inform me that he had just liked the sex. The messages between us read as psychopathic. I am asking him basically what his intentions ever were and are- since he flip-flopped with “I was never using you,” to “This is just sex,” and reading these messages, I cannot believe how cold and vile his is in them.

Months later, my mother committed suicide. The female friend in this was no longer my friend as she had not only been abusive, but informed me that she wanted to be with Eyal and had been sabotaging our relationship. Eyal’s response? “So what. People can fantasize about people.” He clearly liked it, but Eyal is desperate for attention anywhere he can get it. The female friend reaches out, using my mother’s suicide as an excuse to use my apartment to do drugs. Eyal reaches out, ONCE AGAIN, assuring me that it was never his intention to use me!! (mind fuck much?). He said he wanted to be there for me. He kept talking to me like a boyfriend would. Flirting and being sweet.. I kept telling him if he was trying to be a friend, keep it platonic. I told him that it looked like he wanted more than friendship. He persisted. I was vulnerable. My whole family blamed me for my mother’s suicide all over facebook, and I was grief-stricken and couch-bound. I finally gave in, flirting back, and there we were again.

We made plans for him to come visit me. I asked if he had feelings for anyone, and he discarded me, AGAIN. Coldly and abruptly AGAIN. Then, AGAIN, he reminds me that we were not a relationship. I was floored, AGAIN.

Eyal conned me. He contradicted himself and played on my confusion. I handed everything he did to me, as well as what the husband and wife did and their collective, three-way involvement in abusing me, over to a lawyer. I fully intend to pursue legal action against all three of them. Eyal showed me an emotionless, remorseless, inherently abusive personality. He is Jekkyl and Hyde. He has an innocent side where he whines for attention and seeks sympathy from others, and then he SWITCHES into a cold, sadistic man.

A friend and I found him on Two women had rated him as abusive to women. One woman was asking them to “please do something about him.” She wrote that he had been trying to pick her up all the time after class and that she never felt so degraded in her life. This was two weeks after the gross messages with me on my birthday. (side note: he made sure to go on Stoya’s social media, though, and wish her a happy birthday).

Stay away from him. Being 42 and never having had a relationship is an obvious red flag in itself, and clearly many women throughout his life learned quickly not to date him. Because of the connection and the manipulative friend playing me as a party to our “relationship,” I put up with him longer than most. Don’t make the same mistake I did. This man is a player through and through, and he will put you through “circular conversations,” to mindfuck you into thinking that you are just confused or stupid. Don’t believe it, this is his M.O. He is sadistic, which means that he is amused and takes pleasure in other’s pain and suffering. When I called him a player, he changed his facebook name to “E.P. Tamir,” (extended play). That’s how funny he thought what he did to me was. After my mother committed suicide, he immediately changed his profile picture to Eeyore hanging himself. When I told him this timing was classless and insensitive, he blew me off with, “that photo was up and down for awhile.” He showed his absolute lack of even a sliver of empathy.

There is quite a lot more than what I wrote here, but it would take a novelette to describe the disorder I experienced with him and his two cohorts, especially how it played out in the group dynamic. That is best left for court. I spent 15 months dealing with this in therapy. Mental abuse is no joke. Emotional abuse is no joke.

Bobby Rodriguez, Loranger, LA.

Bobby Rodriguez, pathological liar, serial cheater and deadbeat father. Abandoned all three of his daughters, almost had five kids at the age of 26, last two pregnancies were terminated, cheated on pregnant girlfriends with underage girls, lied about being married. Cheated on his wife. Got two women pregnant the same year. Owes upwards of 15,000 dollars in unpaid child support. Unemployed and uneducated drug addict who refuses to work or pay child support/bills. Manipulatives his girlfriends into paying for everything, and then always ends back up at his mother’s house.

Kevin Barton Shaw Beaverton Oregon US

This man is a liar, cheater and abuser. He cheated on his fiancé, threw her out of their home to move his new girlfriend in and pulled a gun on her. He plead guilty to a plea deal to reduce 2 felony and 1 misdemeanor charge to 1 felony misuse of a firearm in Washington County Oregon, September 2017.
He is currently engaged to the new girlfriend, but likely not for long. He is very charismatic and very self absorbed.

Avery, Elliston. Colorado springs. Colorado usa

I loved this girl like no other. She’s cunning and shady as hell. Slept with my brother and lied. Slept with a dude named Brian regularly and he showed up while I was in bed with her. Lied about that too. Now she is with a new sucker and I hope he makes it out of that without killing his self when he finds out the truth. I tried to end my life over this one. Be careful. Shes gorgeous and smart and can’t be faithful.

Leoanard Jay Pavlov

Well let’s see. First he goes a dozen different names. Leaonard Jay pavlov, Jay Leo, Jay pavlov, Leonard Jay. After months of knowing him and dating , i find out he lied about everything. Having an ex wife, being in the military, where he grew up, and I forgave him. then we get married and I find out he lied about his age. That’s right ladies, Jay will try to tell you he’s 27,28, 26. He’s fucking 20!!!!!!!!!!! One week into being married, he was out with another woman who also thought he as older because he’s 20 going on 35 looks wise. Stay far away!!!!

kelly suzanne treat

Kelly is the biggest lying cheating Whore in all of Ada county Idaho. Beware this disgusting slut has chlamydia and will be more than happy to give it to you. If you call her on her bad behavior she will call the police on you and make up a story. She has done this numerous times to several men here. People end up catching a charge and having their lives destroyed because of her lies.
She is a drug addict and alcoholic who causes damage where ever she goes. She seems to take pride in ruining people’s lives and has no conscious whatsoever.
She is a thief and a liar and has been known to engage in prostitution if she needs money for dope or alcohol. She will steal your money and valuables and then help you look for them.
Her family has disowned her and one of her exes moved over 2000 miles away just to get away from her.
I cannot stress it enough, this repulsive cunt will destroy your life.
Beware of Kelly Treat.

John Ingersoll Commerce GA

John Ingersoll of Commerce Georgia is s a LYING PSYCHO methhead who beats his wife and kids. John Ingersoll is insane and a pathological liar.
He is such a crazy liar that he believes his insane bul

Stephanie Gelinas aka GellyCool from Quebec, Canada

This horrible person made me believe she was someone who she clearly is not. She was a pain in my ass for like 5 months. She constantly threatened with suicide if I didn’t buy her a video game online or if I stopped talking to her. She is very lazy. Dumb useless slut gets everything handed to her by mommy and daddy; and has never worked a day in her life. College, rent, groceries, gas — everything given to her by her parents. She is selfish as fuck, annoying, whines and complains for compliments but it’s clearly very hard to compliment her as she has nothing going for her. During the first two months *about* she sent me very old photoshopped pictures of herself where she looked thin and pretty. Then when we started getting into a real relationship, she sent me dirty pictures of a completely different, very fat person. When I tried to confront her/leave her she threatened me with suicide and then she called my parents and the police on me saying that I was the one going to kill myself. Made my life hell. She’d always demand things from me or else she’d kill herself, she’d say. Finally, it got to a point where I found out her friends paid guys to date her and decided screw it — she’s not going to harm herself, shes going to make me harm myself. She’s a horrible monster. She constantly talks shit about her best friend Lawrence. Meanwhile, that same friend is the only one actually trying to look out for her.

Amer Garden City, MI USA

Pathetic liar, who is miserable and will drag you along just because. Feel free to message his IG and tell him how garbage he is. Almost 40 and nothing going for himself.

Jorge G Andrews Mesa, AZ USA

Ladies you need to stay away from him. He is nothing but a narcissist. He will feed you with lies making you feel like you have a future with him but in reality its not even that. He has a messed up mind and sees no problem in his actions. will blame you for everything that goes wrong even when it is not your fault. he has two baby mamas which they wont give you any drama but he should have never had kids. he is 29 going on 40 with the way he smokes and drinks. he thinks its still cool to get drunk and party down Mill Ave. He wants the single lifr and don’t even try to change him. Thinks to that only his life matters no one else does . So ladys if you want to be used and cry every night and made to feel never good enough stay away!!! He even denies a child I have with him so that is why I am putting him on blast

Jacob Daniel Granger, Columbia, South Carolina, USA

This guy will lie to you like it’s absolutely nothing. You will see virtually no signs of malice, but if you ever look through his phone, you will question all of your faith in humanity. Even after having physical proof of cheating, he will deny, deny, deny, until your face turns blue. He gets drunk regularly and often got very aggressive with me. He rushed me into getting serious so that I would stop asking questions about other girls. Trust me, you CANNOT trust this guy. He has had unprotected sex with multiple partners and will not blink upon passing what he has onto you.

Lee Anthony McHugh, Miami, Fl, FOr Lauderdale ,FL, Palm Beach , FL,Hoboken NJ,New York, New York,Los Angeles, CA, Beverly Hills, CA, Essex, UK, Liverpool, UK,London, UK

This man is an Internet Predator and Narcissist from Liverpoole, England ( go back please!) career car salesman aka Professional Liar, sell Rolls Royces and other fancy cars he neither owns nor can afford and the fact that he is British to lure the easily impressed low class naive African american and Hispanic young girls he has a sexual fetish for, also any other woman he can hook on Facebook and the multiple dating hook up site he is on to get fresh supply/new victims. He is on every dating site from Millionaire Match(ha) to , I love your accent, ashley madison ( while he was married),adult friend finder, tinder, plenty of fish, and he uses different aliases, lies about his name and where he is currently living ( since he moves around alot as most con artists do). Tries to position himself a nice “single dad” looking for a serious realtionship when was in fact a married womanizer( blatantly lied on his profile and said he was divorced and then when he was caught lying said his wife whom he married /conned just to get US Citzenship told him it was okay to lie so he could get laid)anyway after he she had his lovechild he decides to get divorces since he got the green card he wanted. He also has a grown son in the UK from a teen pregnancy that he never even mentioned (since he ran away to the US to avoid being responsible for and another man raised) now his current little boy is being rised by another man a well- what a selfish loser. anyway this man is not looking for any relationship other than cheap sex and fuck buddies with as many black and latino women as possible. He will use perks form his job selling ego wagons such as free tickets to fancy work parties to lure women_ he will take you to a party he doesnt have to pay for one time to impress you then try and put you in his little harem of Facebook groupies, he also has women fly out to visit him ( on their expense of course) for their birthday or some other lame excuse then offer them to stay at his place so he can get them drunk and fuck them with his small penis and he will take them to a few c and d list trendy bars and clubs to further impress and seduce them into thinking they have some kind of special realtionship when they are no more that this weeks fuck toy and ego boost . he will keep up a fake text and facebook relationship to string them along forever… if you call him out on his bull shit and refuse to kiss his ass or tell the truth about him he becomes abusive, cruel etc, block you,tell his other guppies not to talk to you and , does gaslighting, says your crazy as he is truly emotionally dead and ony interested in serving and feeding his ego. also a sex addict, alcoholic and takes trip to third world countires liek Columbia, dominican repulic , curacao etc to have sex with poor black and latin women who have to sell themselves to survive. No wonder he is a carrier spreader of HPV which is not protected by condom from all the african crackwhores and sluts he fucks. This man is a disgusting lying selfish cold fucked up British Pig in a suit- he can threaten all he wants _ i will no longer keep his secrets for him. If he does not want the truth told about him he should not think he can use, abuse and treat black and latin women like cheap pieces of disposible ass and get away with it. you fuced with thee wrong bitch this time liverpool loser!

Roland G. Cardoza Chino hills, Irvine , CALIFORNIA, USA

Roland Cardoza is a stalker. He won’t go away! HE TOLD ME HE NEVER WANTS TO SEE ME AGAIN- GOOD RIDDANCE I THOUGHT. I CHANGED MY NUMBER AND NEVER LOOKED BACK. He didn’t give a craaap how I felt when he snorted at me and called me a pig. He didn’t show any emotion when he gave me an std or when he told me about it thru text. Roland just topped it all off by a cold text to tell me what I think and feel do not matter & it means nothing to him, he has nothing left to say to me, he’s blocking my number and he never wants to see me again. All thru text. Well – Then I knew I was dealing with something not of this world. Roland G Cardoza is a demon. The cold evil beast inside of him has taken over his soul and isn’t leaving. The real Roland Cardoza has checked out and officially left the building. Ladies and Gentleman don’t take a chance with your health or your life by falling for the sly slick game this evil entity slivers in your ear. After all that now he’s stalking me. Driving by my house sitting & waiting to talk to me/ hurt me/ kill me ? Idk why is he stalking me? I had to file a police report against him so I can get a restraining order to keep Roland away from my home pets and family. Please don’t be fooled by this evil rotten slime dump truck= Roland Cardoza, IF YOU DO YOU WILL BE SORRY! HOPEFULLY THAT MISTAKE WON’T COST YOU YOUR LIFE! BEWARE!

Jessie Benzing in Ft. Myers, FL

Will fuck men 10+ years older than her that she met on tinder. Let’s men do basically whatever they want to her, dirty degrading things on the first meetup. She acts like she’s hot shit, but her tits look like udders on a cow. She’s a liar and manipulator. She doesn’t care about anyone but herself.

Harry Eugene Bierworth III. Cortland, OH. USA

Harry E. Bierworth III is a proven user, liar and cheat. He is homosexual, feminine in behavior and thinks no one can tell that he is a flaming gay slut. HA! He usually uses the internet to hook up with anonymous males of any age and look. He refuses to allow his Tricks to use protection. He is a 100% bottom receiver. He doesn’t care if you are std free or not. He has many many aliases with hbierwoth @ all of the major email sites, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, Gmail etc. We’ll cut him a break, not that he deserves one, and not share his fake names at twitter, tumblr, pinterest and ALL of the gay hook up apps in his tablet and iPhone. You’ll often find him in parks, parking lots, WALMART or anyplace men can be found. He meets any and all strangers/men as long as they are willing to give him anal. He usually doesn’t require pictures or names and prefers total anonymity. Frankly, that hole is not cleaned between his many multiple partners. This is not a frequent, but daily practice of his. Many of his John’s won’t talk to you about being with him but all share the same opinion. Oh yeah, he sometimes plays off that he wants a monogamous relationship but can’t due to his penis promiscuous rendezvous’s. It is also a known fact that he has never been tested. I met with a couple of his past “clients” (I can’t share the process that gave me access to so many of them) and they agreed he has no morals or humanity. So if you are one of the very few who have not bent him over…yet. Be careful or carry good health insurance!
If you think you may have been infected, I’ll be happy to post numerous pics from my email including those forwarded to me.